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March 5, 2020

Hi my name is Nic di Caro Senior investment partner with DICARO and
ASSOCIATES America’s premier note buyers if you’re
receiving payments from a property you sold you’ve come to the right place to
receive a lump sum of cash today we buy notes mortgages trust deeds land contracts contract for deeds secured by all different types a real
state if you’re receiving payments on a texas deed of trust or a Florida mortgage note it doesn’t
matter where you’re located we buy notes in all 50 states give us a
call to explore your options 888 279 1557 and we’d be happy to explore your
options with you our investment specialists are standing by we can even show you a way to pull some
cash out your note and you can still retain
that note down the road with the majority equity
interest we call it renting your note another term is a partial purchase there’s a variety of ways that we can
buy your note after we gather all the necessary information we can even show you how you can receive
over a hundred and seven percent for your note so again if you’re receiving
payments on a property you sold give us a call we’re open 24 hours

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