Current Polymer Vietnamese banknotes 2018

December 1, 2019

anyway so hello people and how are you going
today and today I am actually in Vietnam yes and I am actually using the money
and you’ll be surprised at the large amount of zeros that are actually on
their currency because their currency is one of the least value currencies in the
world he has a value of about seventeen thousand eight hundred to one Australian
dollar or probably I’ll think about twenty to twenty three thousand to one
US dollar there are a few currencies that rival in that amount you have
Venezuela which currently I don’t know probably about ten thousand bulled leave
ours to one dollar you have Iran as well which is about mm-hmm thirty-five
thousand to one US dollar that’s thirty five thousand rials and the highest banknote is
a hundred thousand rials and it is a currency that has the name of dong so
this is name dong so that D is actually pronounce this as be no I don’t know how
to speak Vietnamese some people know to speak English and have us know to speak
Mandarin because there’s a lot of Chinese tourists they come to Vietnam so
let’s get on with it d our lowest denomination I actually getting changed
is the one thousand dong and I do have to you one 200 and 500 dong but I’ve not
seen them in change I’ve actually seen the banknotes as donations but nothing
is actually priced döner the one hundred amount we have a ho chi minh on all the
banknotes he was the leader until he died in 1969
and all of them have to a coat of arms on it so i done a video on these low
denomination banknotes or cotton so I won’t really talk about
him so the first thing you’ll notice is that anything below 10,000 here’s our
quantify BER so it’s just these free 1000 mm of 5000
and the 10 percent of 500,000 are polymer they introduced these in the
2000s and these ones have all the dates on them so this one it’s 98 so it’s the
two fails and the 5000 is o88 so to say he’s a the 5000 is 91 they do have coins
for these but the mintage is low and I’ve not seen any in circulation and
these ones are actually currently printed in use as valid counting so it’s
one of the few countries to actually use just banknotes everyone’s will be
Cambodia Laos the Democratic Republic of Congo or whatever countries is probably
if you’re can’t think off my head but this is the largest country so how do
you mean yeah power plant net okay so the ten thousand dong this is the recent
issue I got 2017 they’re all the same pretty much on the front they’re all
different colors and they’re actually different sizes as well as you can see
in the civil look as you can see the ten thousand is mall er the twenty thousand
is the twenty thousand to a hundred five hundred thousand are at the same height
but a different in length and they all have a different color so 10,000 dong
they all have our skin envelope they all about like there’s a little bit of a
see-through window here’s the see-through window Deb this is like a
watermark here so no of a see-through window with a pattern and this should
have the denomination on it so you should have ten thousand so there you go
ten so they’re all like that okay on the reverser item means the obverse and this
is the reverse just just has a oil rigs and also has a this is a UV calibration
here so should actually come and it’s a different color under UV and they have
average security features like this circle here up there if you turn it over
shouldn’t match up exactly with that one let’s go to the light matches up yep I’m
in my hotel room so that’s a big crap 10,000 and 20,000 same hochiminh
water markets actually Ho Chi Minh to enjoy any fast news is 2016 so as with
the everybody army when you come here and look at the school then the serial
numbers because you might actually get something that looks Pleasant for your
collection on the back he has a temple in on high it’s actually a bridge temple
company but a neighbor not really gonna search it on the internet and yeah you
should actually go and see this it’s actually quite a nice temple okay we’re
and hand I’m not Vietnam so it’s like a Socialist Republic of Vietnam up there
and here’s the denomination hey morning yep don’t know what that says up there I
actually have a translation at home soon you have 50,000 it’s just 2014 bit
circulated also on all banknote say about these features down here for the
blind here’s another security feature here also has be in for Vietnam 500,000 so
they all have circles which should match up on the back and this one has sort of
like a security freak going for it I said sort of like because it’s a better
than plastique I’m not too sure if it’s actually metallic or not this one has
the variant of Ericson Huy which is in a central Vietnam any custody narrowest
point of Vietnam itself between the north and south okay 100,000 dong ho chi
minh this gets a bit more and design it has a better design on it so this is
2011 Oh on the back we have the two tongue
cut temple in Hanoi I actually haven’t been to this temples to me a little bit
morning boring so it’s in English is the temple of litterature
it’s a Confucian temple you know actually a few worries in Hanoi so this
one has a square security feature and is colored green oh now we have the
$200,000 okay EXO 2014 I’ve been special serial numbers which you mean on
coat of arms on the reverse see has how long be I actually went to this it’s
actually quite a beautiful limestone columns and stacks in the water and it’s
actually being eroded by the ocean so this actually used to be a land form up
here and the ground level is probably somewhere all the way at the top yeah
and it’s like being it eating the way when you go on these are boats you get a
lot of small boats trying to sell stuff as well beautiful Bank no that is never
some security features here so this lettering here should actually match up
on that side okay have a UV as well and the highest denomination is 500,000 so
this is actually a little 10% of the monthly wage in Vietnam which is about
five million dong and yes one actually goes out and
security features she has this beautiful looks like a type of monkey or something
like that not too sure it has Hobie in so his
marker printing in the bin it has marker printing other places as
well beautiful on the reverse it has at the birthplace of Ho Chi Minh in them
Kim Lin Ho Chi Minh he’s the guy on the front it’s actually the founder of
Vietnamese independence from the French and this one can buy you a lot of things
so if you go to tourist places this stuff is quite expensive but if you go
to the local places stuff is quite cheap so that is Vietnamese currency
and he has a lot of zeros when you come here a lot of people actually get
confused with the zeros but everything is actually priced in the appropriate
manner Dom so actually include zeros on their pricing so I don’t really know why
people get confused some people just get confused with lots of zeros so hopefully
vent name can read denominate probably at ten to one yeah that seems about good
cut off free throws and it’ll be less confusing for people so they is the
currency of Vietnam I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you like Vietnamese
currency it’s quite has quite colorful history and have an awesome banknote
collecting time people by way

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