Currency Hunt – Looking for Rare Bills, Star Notes and Cool Serial Numbers!

December 30, 2019

let’s go ahead and do a currency search Hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds
treasure and it’s been a little bit since I’ve done a currency search so I
figured why not I grabbed a thousand dollars in once but two hundred dollars
was brand new straps I pre searched them at the bank
none of them had any replacement notes none of them were good serial numbers so
we left those at the bank and I brought $800 home to search I’ve got five teller
straps right here of a hundred bills in each as well as 650 bill teller straps
nothing optimistic about it I didn’t have any Federal Reserve straps so we’ll
see how this goes hopefully you find some star notes and maybe a fancy serial
number or two I’ll give you guys a wrap-up after every hundred dollars
strap and every two fifty dollar straps so I’ll be giving you eight wrap ups
let’s get this hunt going first set of 100 notes yielded one find
it was a star note it is in trashy condition we’ll still be keeping it
because I collect star notes I do want to point out everyone that I’ve had some
comments as to my video saying that a lot of the star notes that I find aren’t
really worth much more than face value yes you’re right because of their
condition and because of their print runs but for the most part I still
collect star notes because it’s something that I like to hold on to
especially in the smaller denominations that being said don’t down place star
notes if you’ve got a pretty good set of them you can sell them for a little bit
about face value as long as they’re in good condition this one’s in bad
condition this is a spender but for me it’s a keeper well put it aside for now
we have one fine in the first hundred bills searched now move on to the next
two straps for a hundred bills the second batch of 100 notes had a few
fines I’ll point out a couple first one we got into the star notes so I’ll be
adding it to the star notes over here remember that I’ll check to print runs
and rarities at the end of the video we also got a 1995 note now I always took
the 95 notes to make sure that they’re not the web notes if the printing plate
number is down here it’s a regular sheet printed note if it’s above the one next
to the end god we trust’ over here it’s a web note
it’s a lot more valuable this is not a web note but I do collect 95 bills so
I’ll put that to the side as well we also found a close call I want to point
it out five eight one nine five eight nine one had the last night one been one
nine it would have been her Peter 5:8 one nine five eight one nine so want to
show you how close it was I get a lot of close calls and then finally we got a
couple of trinary notes here I no longer collect trinary notes
because they don’t really have much value but this one has eight six and
fives I like them when they start with an eighth or start with another number
but then there are only a binary after that which is two numbers and it’s kind
of cool with three fives in the middle which is my favorite number and a couple
of sixes on both sides but it is what it is I won’t be keeping it and then this
one’s also kind of cool with 0 6 & 8 it’s almost another repeater but it’s
not had it been 0 6 8 8 0 6 8 8 would have been in a trinary repeater and I
probably would have kept it just wanted to point those out close calls quite a
few of them but I’m not keeping them any longer
all right we got three finds and the first 200 bill searched let’s move on to
the next 100 the third set of 100 notes was pretty dang good
we got three star notes which I’ll put with the star note collection so that’s
5 star notes and the first 300 bills which is better than I usually get
we also found another trinary with six sevens and nines again I won’t be
keeping it I just like the show because I know so you do like to collect trinary
notes I just stopped collecting them unless
they’re a binary now or a really cool trinary and that’s not that cool all
right we finished hunting the six fifty dollar
bill straps for 300 bills now let’s move on to the 100 bill straps and see what
else we can find all right nothing much in that four
strap from 100 notes all we found was a trinary with four six and sevens again I
won’t be keeping it just wanted to show the fines let’s move on to strap number
five all right nothing in that fifth strap of
100 except for another trinary six fours and sevens won’t be keeping it just
wanted to show you the fines and I’ll tell you whenever the Thomas traps like
these I get a little worried because I feel like they’ve been searched we’ve
got nothing really in the first two full straps of
100 hopefully the luck changes in that strap absolutely nothing in that sixth
strap of 100 strap number Seven’s next strap seven was a pretty good strap we
ended up finding three star notes in it I wanted to point out this bill because
sometimes people have refer to these as birthday notes because it has a 1988 in
the beginning but I don’t collect these as birthday notes unless they have a
full date like in that had of in 1988 oh seven oh seven I would have kept it but
I want to point out that you can refer to these these his birthday notes and
some people do collect them I don’t we also found another kind of close call
which is kind of cool six four four three seven four four three had the six
or seven both been a six or seven we would have had a repeater as well but I
want to point it out it’s kind of cool but I won’t be keeping it we also had a
trinary with once the reason thighs had there been more threes like had it been
1/5 in all threes or all threes and a 1/5 I would have capped it but I’m not
going to and of course the found another 1995 bill it is not a web note you can
see the printing plate number down there but I do hold on to old bills 19 1995
and older and we’ll add these star notes to the collection which is now eight
star notes through seven straps and I averaged one per hundred bills so if we
find another one in this one we did better than an average so the eighth and
final strap produced another 95 note again not a web note we hold on to him
and 2 more star notes for a total of 10 star notes and $800 in bill surged not
too bad let me go and strap this up let me go
and get these sorted and let’s see if we have any rare print run star notes I’ll
be right back so I went to my currency collection com forward slash star note
look up and all 10 of these star notes are part of 3.2 million Pro runs so
they’re not rare but I do keep them and they’ll be added to my collection you
don’t always find what you want no fancy serial numbers this time that’s par for
the course you really just got to get lucky and and hit us up good stack or
the best bet is that tellers know you want old bills
especially ones with the red seal or the blue seal and they’ll hold them for you
I haven’t had any luck getting any old bills lately or any fancy seal Demers
lately but the search always continues hopefully you enjoyed this bill surge
with me if you did I’d appreciate a thumbs up and as always everyone happy
hunting and thanks for watching

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