Collectible United States red seal $2 banknote

December 31, 2019

so hello fellow banknote collectors and
today I have this Red Seal American banknote
so my name is Glenn and today we’re just gonna talk a little bit about these bank
notes so these bank notes actually although very vain and can actually get
him for very cheap and these were not issued by the Federal Reserve Bank
though issued by the US Treasury not as States and notes and I believe they’ll
issue between 9 1862 so it start in the middle of the Civil War – a 1971 and
they were legal tender as it says there and the Federal Reserve Note was started
to be shooting 1913 I think from memory have to look that up and this was issued
by the actual Federal Reserve BAM which was the central bank set up before that
time America never had this Central Bank for about 40 years and this one has a
green seal this one has a red seal this one is a 1953 and I also also come in
the 53 AB&C series but this one has the most printed just in 1954 any any
differences that are these signatures actually change on it so with US
currency whenever they change the signatures they actually change the dye
so the actual date on the banknote is not not ye of issues just a year of the
change so these ones are about 54 years apart and they look pretty identical I
don’t actually have a $2 from the Federal Reserve but that’s a bit
different anyway and you can also tell that this one has a red serial number
and this one has a green this one has the
areas eight and the H of the Federal Reserve banks and well the portraits or
different fully denominations are actually same for D two dollar and the
one dollar denominations beautiful not bad
security features no nothing really just mainly big printing so it’s with
this German one issued at 9:29 at a watermark ed am had paper crinkling
without the ten or so Zenon German so the security features on this one will
more than on this one and so well that’s why they change here banknotes in 1996
to reflect that technology a caught up with him it’s on the back we have
Monticello which was the home of these are going a front Thomas Jefferson and
this I believe that’s also on the five cent coin so not a bad banknote and this
one it has see you know I say its coat of arms and the Great Seal which is a
pyramid and it has a date in a Latin lots of conspiracy furious back this
side of the banknote but yeah I just count them and here I have and well one
of the early versions of the banknote five dollars now it’s got color on it
this one is just plain is it watermark deserve a security Fred no oh yes it
does yeah so this one is not that good okay I’d quite like this one
nice beautiful two dollar bank note on the back it has looks like the plate
number and the same yeah so American Atilla banknotes very
collectible I don’t see why should not collect them
even though they’re pretty outdated in design apart from the common ones the
older ones are quite good thank you very much watching I hope you like like being
American banknotes cause I yeah they’re very interesting have a nice day

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  • Reply william goode May 30, 2018 at 7:20 am

    Might wanna change the stated to states just so its easier to search for this vid, also nice unique note from the treasury. very old note i like it 🙂

  • Reply LOYAL WARRIOR May 30, 2018 at 8:26 am

    Glen, we know, don't we?
    But you said once than you don't know anything whatever at all.
    (Your modesty is a sign of your wisdom!)

  • Reply Patrick Wu May 30, 2018 at 8:50 am

    Where can I get one

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