Claim your FREE LITECOIN with proof of payment 2019

September 16, 2019

Hello guys,
Good day to everyone.
Today we will be talking about a new application
that is legit and paying
and you can earn here for free,
you heard it right this is free,
easy to use,instant payment
and very low minimum payout.
So watch the full video
so that you will know how to use it,
So as you can see,let’s sign up first.
Put there your coinbase email guys,
again put your coinbase email,
if your done filling out your email
just click on sign in.And start earning
Do you want to earn online?
Just subscribe to my channel
and click the notification bell
for you to be notified of our upcoming videos
about legit and paying applications
that we could use to earn extra online.
Before we start shout out first to
Megz JM Amparo,
Ghel Chua,
Racky JeamZ,
King Z0,
Shorey Garcia,
Hadje Azaraga.
By the way guys the name of the app is
if you can still remember I said last time
with free litecoin spinner,
I will teach you how to convert litecoin
to other cryptocurrencies for it to be sent
to our accounts.
So don’t worry guys, the video is on the process
and we will publish it here sooner.
So for now just first accumulate enough litecoin,
because you will need enough amount
for it to be converted to other cryptocurrencies,
so while waiting for that tutorial
let’s first accumulate enough amount,
Thank you so much and let’s start.
So as you can see we’re done signing in
and as you can see we have 40,000 energy,
so the maximum energy is 40,000
so you will use that energy to play free litecoin game,
so what you have to do here is just simply
click the word “let’s play”,
so let’s click that one and you will receive litoshi,
this app is somewhat similar to free litecoin spinner,
so there you go
Every spin cost you 2,000 energy,
as you can see it’s already 38,000,
there as you can see 36,000.
So that’s how easy to use this app,
just click on let’s play and your energy decrease
and also if you consumed all the energy,
you can watch a video just click on the one that says
“Do you want an extra energy click here now”
Then a video will play
and after that short video
you will be given a certain amount of energy enough
for you to play again but it’s not the miximum energy,
only 2,000 energy just enough for you to play another round,
but if you want to play again you can watch again another video,
The energy will increase in time if you will not use it,
so you can just wait a couple of hours
then come back to play.
So now I’ll teach you how to withdraw your balance,
as you can see this is very simple app to use,
just click on the top left portion and you can see “withdrawal”
“referrals” ” Earn’s today” ” doubts”
if you have doubts just go here and read about the app.
So let’s click on “withdrawal”
there,it says “take it now you have 16933 litoshis
” so click on “take in now”.
so let’s click that one,
there you go it’s already processing
our hard earn litoshis
,so there it says “you can make a withdrawal per day”
so you can withdraw your balance ones a day guys,
again ones a day.
So as you can see it’s already completed
and let’s see,
just wait a bit,let’s go back
as you can see we have 3000 energy
as you can see its completed.and there
we already receive an email from coinbase
let’s check,there as you can see we receive ltc
from free coin app,
there at the top,16,933 litoshi.
So payment is instant and very legit,
So it;s up to you if you want to use the application
the link is on the pinned comment
and enjoy earning guys.
That’s the only thing you have to do to earn here.
Thank you so much for watching
and GODBLESS everyone

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