Chinese 100 yuan banknote 2005 and 2015

November 29, 2019

so hello people are you going today I’m
gonna show you these are Chinese banknotes
no if you’re not familiar with Chinese banknotes this is the 101 and they’ve
actually been very issues of this Bank 9 1999 2005 and 2015 the 1999 in 2005 are
pretty much similar right here I’ll just show you the 2015 indeed 2005 you know
let’s see if I can ok so here we have the two banknotes this is the obverse
and the difference is United is in this 100 okay you can see this one new one is
he’s more like a security feature and this one is sorted to better to be more
solid they better have onion rings the colour change in his play open here and
the Blue has been taken out and the actual scent of flowers a bit more
darker as well as the bottom and the top Katy 100 this has just had a
patination and this one is more like a one is metallic thing that changes color
as you as you um there you can see sorta let’s scan let’s see if you can see
maybe I’ll turn blood on find it oh yeah there you go
it changes color as you trickle it around in the light okay another thing
is that has to there’s two serial numbers there and on
the side this one the studies read in the ghost black and this one is just
blue and then d this is a older banknote at the top there’s no serial number and
has these features here for the blind also this one hundred up here it’s more
like a security feature up here then that’s been taken and just replaced with
a hundred here and the coloration of this background Pat yeah it’s also been
changed single color and this is like a more varied car now if we have a look at
the reverse the reverse has less changes than the obverse first thing you’ll
notice is that the dates 2005 2015 okay most is it’s pretty similar this 100 has
been changed and it has that security feature yeah Omni on rings have been
taken out yeah hmm they’ve been kept up there also security fred has also been
changed so this one was totally covered by paper and this is a segmented yeah
and this reverse has the Hall of the People in Beijing and this is like just
like it in where congressional members meet to pass laws and all that like the
Australian Parliament House or the US House of Representatives if they have
one I’m not too sure well another thing I didn’t notice is
just 100 has also been changed and this is the highest denomination in China now
that security feature here has been taken out too
so this is the highest denomination in China and I presume it also has UV which
I’ve done every UV lamp the watermark is Mao Zedong he was the leader of China
from 1998 to 1976 let’s have a look has his birth date on the front so I was
born in 1893 and died in 1976 nice actually in one of the buildings of
Tiananmen Square so that is the Chinese 101 it’s quite a good banknote you know
if most banknotes I’ll show you these if you turn it around this is also another
security feature and they meet up like that and their patterns actually meet up
then it’s a good indication it’s not counterfeit the United States banknotes
this one at a few banknotes that you can’t do that to you can do this with
your strain banknote self African you can do it the Euro you can do it almost
every other currency in the saw social meet up there – you ever think notes I have some older banknotes you but you
can’t do it with anyway that is the 101 of China okay so you feel like Chinese
banknotes please give it a thumbs up you’ve not now well and if you just play
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