Canada 5-50 dollar polymer, not bad

December 10, 2019

Gday how are you going today my name
is claim from du Midi coins and banknotes I’m try
I’ve got it the current series of a can I redeem banknotes excluding me 100
dollars because it’s way too much me I’m a poor person anyway
so here we have the 5 10 20 50 now my day 20 $50 with you while ago so that is
days on me so money $5 bank that we have sir
Wilfred Laurier it was the 7th p.m. of Canada and all these banknotes have a
image of apartment Elizabeth the second a Canadian Prime Minister and it has
down the bottom miss Prime Minister between 1869 1911 beautiful they have
beautiful background nice looks like ninja stars and have crosses here and
it’s a window here is Canadian Maple Leaf and that should actually have it 5
Appa Schumer has a 5 in it can’t see anything and then we have another
security window here and it has a holographic metallic thread and this has
a tower down below so McEntee tower the West block of parliament
if you don’t know canadian parliament has predominantly free buildings a
central east and west block I think this block is the best it has a beautiful
Gothic architecture so if I turn it like I mean doing it you can see that
actually changes color and the same with the top one Chaucer has that picture of
the year Prime Minister in it as well as a day
mission 2013 and with the signature this is the second signature series not too
sure when that was issue probably like 2015 or something like that and all the
language on this banknote is in English and French
okay say return over to back he has the Canadian contribution to the
International Space Station and this is the dexstar that’s that’s that there
there’s a peak there and attached to you cannot Canada too which connects to the
space station so there’s an astronaut probably Canadian extra player yeah so
that’s a Canadian football picnic that’s currently in circulation today oh it has
some numbers down here all these bank notes do I assume that is just the plate
printing number so different plates that they print nice banknotes off would have
a different number on them stream a nice day how’s that anyway
yeah it’s the $10 it’s purple and I presume if you don’t look at your
currency you can get a five and 10 dollar bank not confused
this one has wife there could be like radio waves or an increase in
electromagnetic spectrum okay this is a image of John a McDonald who was the the
first Prime Minister of Canada between 1867 73 and looks like probably the
third or fourth Prime Minister as well okay he has him in a window there and
the building down below is the Canadian Library ISIL is a library Parliament
that’s it that’s quite a beautiful building – its
small looks like a small fat thing actually if you look on Wikipedia has
very good image of it yes unknown they have almond rings
they’re designed to not be able for displaying that to be scanned and
printed carry on the back it has the Canadian this is a f40 pH – like a
motive currently and that has it’s a passenger train it takes people across
Canada you see down below there’s a map of Canada talking back here and it has
actual the route that it takes looks like a some Nova Scotia and New
Brunswick free Quebec Ottawa Alberta Manitoba so such a good one – British
economy up Vidia doesn’t go to Northwest
Territories of Elba no you can’t I mean that’s the Yukon yeah it’s like goes
right across Canada so it’s beautiful hey and it has mountains in the
background there’s the mountains of the Rockies I do have a list there so it has
the left shoulder of lectern peak at wheeler Mountain the center which is
probably here ESRI then Esplanade gargoyle mountain mountains in the right
has mountains Engel today that’s not a bad Bank night and we have seat 20 and 50 so elizabeth
ii but the building name is the peace tower which is in the central block of
parliament so if you’re not too sure what these are these buildings are
they’re all part of the Canadian Parliament House and it has a reaming
monument in in France this one has McKenzie
we employ Mackenzie King 10th p.m. and this one has its building up which be
confused at first but it’s pile of the it’s one of the four towers of our
central block but if you have a look at it and it looks a bit different than the
actual towers so maybe this is the towers before Parliament House it was
burnt down I really like these are changing colour they’re beautiful there’s a maple leaf again and on the
reverse it has a ship let’s go
yeah CCGs Edmondson research icebreaker operating the Arctic also changes color
here as well and the topic has you know you know titute which is when I you know
what languages that is officially in a nova and Northwest Territories
so they Canadian bank now it’s beautiful man so if you connect the Canadian bank
notes please let me know I’ve been trying to get the older series but it’s
very competitive to actually buy okay so thank you very much for watching
and have a nice day

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