Busan – Currency Exchange Guide (TRAVEL GUIDE) | Episode# 9

March 5, 2020

Hipfig Travel Channel offers DIY travel video guides for more than 25 cities in Asia, US, and Canada. If you like this video then subscribe, give us a thumbs up, or a comment Welcome to Hipfig’s Travel Guide series on Busan, South Korea we’re pleased to share our currency exchange experiences with you through Hipfig’s video guide series on Busan. In this Busan currency exchange video guide will be sharing where you can find currency exchanges, and provide useful tips for visiting travelers to Busan. The official legal currency of Korea is a South Korean Won ₩. In Busan you can exchange currency at the airport, banks, tourist areas, and international ferry terminal. For arriving passengers, Gimhae Airport is a convenient place to exchange currency. At the international terminal at the arrival and departure hall, there are currency exchange counters next to exit doors 1 & 4 which are accessible to the public most Bank currency exchange counters at Gimhae International Airport in Busan are closed by 8:00 p.m.. Unless you’re changing a large amount of money the difference between the best rate and the lowest rate is not much. In the city currency exchange counters are available in tourist areas like Nampo Dong Chinatown and Busan International ferry terminal. If you’re at Busan station then you can go to the currency exchange counter in Chinatown opposite Busan station in the daytime or Shinhan Bank a few blocks away. There are no currency exchange places inside Busan station other than ATMs. A word of caution, parts of Chinatown located opposite Busan station can be dicey and inappropriate for children. If you’re at the Busan port International ferry terminal then there’s also a bank inside that you can exchange currency. There are a couple of private legal currency exchange counters in Nampo Dong shopping area Busan that we found. The first is ABC money exchange on Gwangbok Ro it’s the small street opposite of the Faceshop building and then there’s also ho-ho currency exchange ( 호 호 외화 환전소) on the same street as well a few shops ahead of ABC to get to these currency exchange counters in Nampo Dong, take exit 7 of Nampo (dong) metro station then turn left on the main Nampo-dong shopping street keep left at the Main Street Square where the three roads meet with the police station and the tourist information on the right. Take the small street to the left of the police station keep walking straight down the street then you’ll hit a square and go past that square continue down the street until you hit a T and in front of the building at the end of the T, you’ll see the word Clovis in English as shown in this video guide. If you turn left at the T you’ll be able to see the face shop building at the end of the street. An alternative way to get to the currency exchange counters is to keep walking on the main shopping street in Nampo dong and locate the face shop building on the left and the premium store on the right. Opposite to the face shop building and between the premium store and the building with the teddy bear statue in front is a small street Gwangbok Ro- 43. Both currency exchange counters are located inside this street. On this street corner you’ll encounter older ladies called ajummas sitting on blue plastic chairs or stools on this street. These are the infamous ajummas who offer unofficial currency exchange. Exchange money at your own risk banks like Busan Bank, BNK Busan Bank, KEB, bank, Shinhan Bank, Woori Bank, City Bank and IBK Bank offer currency exchange services and have branches all over town in Busan. Business hours for banks are from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday closed on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays private currency exchange counters are open generally from 9:30 a.m. to about 7 p.m. every day. If you are in the Haeundae area you can exchange currency at the moneybox. To get your moneybox go to Haeundae station and then take exit 3 and walk about 200 meters towards Haeundae Beach. Moneybox exchange will be located on the left side of the Seacloud hotel by the way, bring your passport you may need it. We found some exchange counters wanted it and others didn’t. Cash is King in Busan so make your travel easy with this travel video guide on Busan currency exchange. Happy Travels. Go to for more information or go to our Hipfig Travel Channel on YouTube and be sure to subscribe for regular updates

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