Brazil’s weird 100 cruizeiro banknote

November 30, 2019

so how about people are you going today
yeah my name is Glenn and today I’m gonna bring me some so it’s pretty
unique bank night it’s actually the any extra series that I’ve actually come
across that has Oh probably like reversed if you flip it upside down yeah
it’s the same type of image I know it looks a bit weird because uh yeah he’s
upside down but he’s also not upside down and this was issued by Brazil it
was issued between 1991 and 85 so this is the lowest denomination was issued in
the 100 Cruz is cruzeiro’s of cruzados cruzeiro’s and it was also issued in 200
500 1000 and 5000 now in 1995 the u12 500 was replaced by coins because of
hyperinflation if you click Brazilian banknotes you
would know that Brazil and to 1994 suffer from hyperinflation and the water
Mike is Duke the curves ace butcher DS name and the watermark on the other side
is also the same so pretty much when you flip it around like this on both sides
it is pretty much the same so if we turn over the reverse as you can see it
actually looks like this is in water close it’s like a reflection in this
portray supposed to be the pacification of the Interior
we’re very against three settlers but I’d say because we’ve got masks it’s
more likely against native people so this is basically celebrating genocide
yeah and we have the two signatures there one here that is the
Presidente to central bank to make successive presidents interpreter Mexico
and the serial numbers actually in different fonts so as you can see around
a ninth rendered as well flip it over as pointed a and the numbering fonts is
actually different in focus yeah nines and sixes are more rounded at the bottom
so if you collect curious banknotes this is public one you could actually get
Brazilian 102 5000 cruzeiro’s and yeah it’s just I just saw it on a
bounce was great so I just got it you can get these for probably at least
between one and five dollars I’d say probably just five thousand is the most
expensive visit so more of a high denomination but this one is pretty
common I got this one for a bit one dollar this is a bit cheap is she gonna
get in the eBay anyway so I’ll leave a link down below to an affiliate link if
you’re interested in purchasing any Brazilian banknotes and have an awesome
banknote collecting time bye bye mate

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    Great video. I was wondering how you got these notes and coins

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