August 24, 2019

How to set bitcoin testnet wallet and get bitcoins for testing
We’ll use Copay wallet. It supports Bitcoin testnet and available both for android and iOS.
First go to the App Store or google play and download the app.
I will allow Copay to send push notifications.
Tap on get started and now through the greeting info section.
Next… yep, makes sense … Next
Tap create Bitcoin wallet. We will not use this wallet,
so we do not need a password for this one. Yes, I’m sure.
I do not need to back up this wallet either. Tap do it later.
I anderstand.
Yes, skip
Again, check I understand for everything. Then tap confirm and finish.
First real bitcoin wallet is ready. We will not need this one. We want a testnet wallet, right?
So we are going to create another personal wallet
Give it a name
Select BTC Coin
Tap on advances options and turn on the testnet toggle.
Then, create wallet
I will no use password with this one, since it’s just a testnet wallet, not the real one.
Now you have your Bitcoin testnet wallet.
But no bitcoins. Lets get some from a faucet.
Yep, right a faucet. Faucet is a service that gives you some testnet bitcoins for free on demand.
First we’ll need to copy our testnet address.
Tap Receive in the bottom menu
Then, on the share icon in the upper right corner and copy the address.
No we’ll go to faucet
Paste you the testnet address you copied
Check that it is correct
Check I’m not a robot
Tap Give me some coins.
Copay confirms that we’ve received 0.65 bitcoins.
Ok, now we have some testnet bitcoins ready to play with.
You will find the links to the faucet, additional data and Ethereum testnet how-to in the description box.
Thanks for watching and happy testing!

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