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November 5, 2019

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
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welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
October the 30th 2019 someone just won
the World Series strong hand bitcoin is
the next bitcoin in motion value your
wealth in bitcoin personal
responsibility is the new counterculture
yeah I am offended by selling you better
believe it baby hello my elite friends
how you guys tonight
hey this is a reminder questions and
answers there I’ve got some time for it
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rotmeister calm you will see today there
were two shows there was an early
Bitcoin focus show about ran New Year
yeah he’s been on the show before and
you’ll see clips from that show click on
that right now
it’s linked to below it says watch this
video vote now watch this video now it’s
only eight minutes of your time you’ll
get a nice Bitcoin focus you’ll see the
other side of things from the 80
percenter perspective the dudes that
impulsively buy altcoins
it’s good to learn from that though it’s
good to see who ran appeals too so you
don’t end up being one of those people
that’s like woo better get me some card
on oh yeah he was talking about card on
Oh in that show ouch pound that like
button okay I want to talk about this
week your Bitcoin coming up on Friday we
have any special guest a new guest and I
try I bring you the best freaking guest
in the space
david nage of Accra Accra digital assets
all right yeah this is gonna be a little
bit different right he’s gonna be one of
those guys with the fun that invests for
other other people’s money I’m all about
controlling your own private key I’m all
about making decisions but there’s a big
part of this industry where people go to
tradition the so-called traditional
route throw their money to people and
say buy me some crypto we’re gonna hear
about that he has a history with family
offices and you don’t get to hear about
well what are family offices what do
they think about cryptocurrency what do
they think about Bitcoin right now so
we’re gonna ask him about that he has a
podcast also he just interviewed Dhruva
Bonsall I can’t pronounce it she and
Tour de Meester and dhruv had a very
interesting quote and this is again this
is linked to below
he says bitcoin is the killer act for
personal security and he talks about how
maybe in the future Pete and he loves
the Tresor this dude again this is not
the guy that’s gonna be on my show this
guy interviewed by the guy that’s gonna
be my show love the Tresor and indeed
you know instead of giving it to prove
who you are you got to give your social
security the last four distances on your
social security anyone can do that
in the future yeah you can sign with
your Tresor your Tresor can do it and
that’s what he’s getting at with Bitcoin
is the killer app for personal security
hey I bitcoins the killer app for money
town that look like button but will it
be able to do other things also with
this guy you think so so that got my
thought process going right there
alright so in the news today in the news
today the United States Federal Reserve
cut the the rates and what was this
expected of course it was expected are
some people angry saying oh they can’t
do this is money manipulation oh the
is such a bad entity they’re so horrible
compete don’t complain people yeah
they’re they cut rates what are you
gonna do about it dudes
or do you own Bitcoin actually because
Bitcoin doesn’t care about that dudes it
doesn’t care about that sorry and there
are a lot of people love to make do you
oh they’re not gonna be able to get away
with this oh the end of the financial
system is on its way they wouldn’t be
cutting right now they’re getting away
with it
80 percenters will keep on buying lots
of money flowing into the system maybe
some inflation here and there most
people don’t care but you and will you
complain or you can get some Bitcoin
with that extra money that you got now
alright so yeah remember guys if you’re
if you’re so angry about the Fed
releasing money printing money whatever
you want to say Bitcoin is only going to
ever be 21 million of them alright and
it’s not changing this is uh this is the
real money and so when we have big
announcements like this if people were
wondering oh what is it going to do for
Bitcoin oh what’s over one step closer
to financial Armageddon and Bitcoin will
rise above all during the fight no
there’s not gonna be financial
Armageddon but smart people who actually
do things who actually produce it just
similar butts and they they take into
consideration what’s going on and they
will buy Bitcoin but I mean you can
complain but what are complaints going
to get you buying Bitcoin what’s that
going to get you a real asset so there’s
the doers and they’re the talkers and
when we ever a tweet whenever we have
these fed cuts and history’s repeating
itself we have so many people who just
talk this huge game get your gold now
clearly we’re going through the gold
standard and you know we’re not going to
hyper Bitcoin is a sheen either but it’s
it’s a good thing to have it’s a good
thing to have it’s a 20% or thing to do
well the 80 percenters just blindly keep
on buying with era
with their federally reserved a Federal
Reserve controlled dollar alright so
there you go rate cuts that’s what I
think not a big deal at all H this is a
tweet from Bloomberg Business and uh a
trick and this history repeats itself
adhere to a trader who ferried more than
a million dollars worth of gold between
Paris and Brussels has failed to get
back money that was seized after border
guards pulled him over so yeah he got
his it’s gold its confiscated and they
don’t reimburse you once they take your
gold very easy to take when you’ve got a
million dollars worth of gold gold
sitting in your car okay
this is Bitcoin they can’t do that but
we’ve heard about this before but people
still say oh gold is superior I can
touch it I can hold it well the people
who can take it away you can do the same
exact thing it’s it’s but some people
will never learn we’re hearing it this
is day the stories of today that I’m
talking about today so many of them
we’ve already heard but people still I
want to get into mid point they still
want to stick with what the the falda
we’ve had fed cut we had the Fed cut
rates before all right we’ve had Gold
confiscated before people just they want
to stick with what they had they don’t
want to switch in the big but that the
movers and the Shakers are 20 percenters
the people who produce they’re waking up
to this thing it’s still very few of
them few few 20 percenters know about it
at this point
well they might know about it but they
haven’t acted either just because you’re
20% it doesn’t mean you’re gonna act and
do the right thing you’re more likely to
all right uh Zack Bowl has very
interesting quote let me die dissected
here ignore the mindless critics bitcoin
adoption is not linear eventually it
will happen all at once all right III
agree that people piling into Bitcoin
look they’re gonna pile in and we’ve
already seen it in 2017
sudden surge of people getting in the
cryptocurrency through the eye cos and
thus in the Bitcoin it isn’t just this
like linear linear growth it it happens
in spurts fits and so III think he uses
the term Bitcoin adoption yeah I will
what are they adopting it for if as a
savings mechanism or as as everyday
currency I say the the growth the
bitcoins up popularity is not a maybe
not a linear not a linear type of thing
it is
it’ll be very pop you know leaving up to
the having we might have see some linear
growth but then afterwards if there be a
drop off and then the net whatever once
that price starts rising that’s when we
get these insane just people just piling
into it and I think next time around
something more people will stick around
but they’ll be but there’ll be a
drop-off also so you know and I don’t
think the whole world will get into it
either but yeah it will we’re gonna have
a 20-17 again a December of 2017 again
definitely and I expect more people to
stick around this time also and in the
private in 2021
if the 210,000 block theory remains true
all right dudes if you got questions
typing bitcoinmeister this is your time
people like the people like when I do
these spur-of-the-moment questions
everything I know people are asleep yeah
it’s the middle of the night in most
places in the United States but I
they’re people that are there right now
someone says I hate PayPal yeah well
we’re gonna talk about that right now
dude and again history repeats itself
with this PayPal thing PayPal the
platform’s conservative street artists a
bow for Sabo whatever his name is Chris
Sabo he played for the Cincinnati Reds
he was a rookie of the year he ended up
playing for the Baltimore Orioles he had
some funky glasses he got caught a
corking he’s bad at one point – girl
look that up on YouTube Chris Sabo cork
back anyway moving
hello Cincinnati tell Matt like know too
much about baseball Hey a new world
World Series champion tonight even the
Expos can win the world sir oh okay so
yeah this dude’s a bo not forced a bo it
conservative Chris a street artist huh
his funds uh PayPal holds his funds for
six months and they D platform him all
right this is what happens dudes we’ve
heard about it before paid how’s a
private entity they’re gonna cut out
people they don’t like that’s why you
getting the Bitcoin all right so if you
haven’t learned your lesson maybe you’ll
learn it from Chris Sabo and his glasses
okay no it’s not Chris Sabo it’s Sabo
Sabo Sabo conservative there was a
pretty conservative owner of the
Cincinnati Reds once too
she didn’t really she probably wasn’t a
big fan of me what she really serve it
ever was she a national socialist you
can look that one up too she’s uh
deceased the world’s a better place
alright continuing continuing on um
baseball knowledge dropping it
I never your business Cincinnati before
it’s near Kentucky right across the
river 1990 world champions right but
remember they lost in 1970 who they lose
to through the resolution 1970 in the
World Series
Baltimore’s now okay
Oh Quinn desk article well why not
mention this this is a jet we’re here we
go big main seeking us IPO with
confidential SEC filing report so people
are saying oh I hate bit Maine bad luck
to them bad luck to rocket man whoo I
say good luck to them good luck
well I want there to be major a major
Bitcoin related player to have an IPO in
the United States of America I think
that’s a positive it probably won’t be
them they keep on running into troubles
and people I have wondered why the be
cash price seems to be going up despite
some weirdness in their mining this
might be a part of the reason that
people knew that it main is trying to
IPO yet again history repeats itself
hey but maybe that maybe this time
they’ll pull it off I have no problem
with having a initial public offering on
the United States Stock Exchange
I think it’s I think it’s good for
crypto currency and history in the
making what is this here oh here is
something from Tyler of Inc old
Winklevoss another person that people
like to hate but people should try to
emulate that dude nothing wrong with the
Winklevoss is trying to be the first
trillionaires on earth he says he’s
proud that gemini custody will be the
custodian for at 3iq corpse the Bitcoin
fund that will list on the Canadian
stock exchange
so all these American entities are
trying to have a cryptocurrency related
funds on on the in the United States
they’re pulling off something over there
in Canada though with a Bitcoin fund so
good for them maybe the unite may be
such a deal will be replicated in the
United States I don’t totally get all
this financialization stuff it’s not my
thing at all there are other people that
they want to get into Bitcoin through
these third parties through these custom
custodial agents through Gemini through
whatever a complicated process that come
up with next to say oh I’m holding your
Bitcoin for you you hold that you really
hold Bitcoin well it’s just as simple as
just buying and putting it on your trace
or but I realize in this world they’re a
bunch of traditional people out there
they just don’t get it
then just don’t want to be sovereign
okay they want other people to control
their wealth all right I get it
3iq Corp good luck on the Canadian I
Canadian Stock Exchange maybe something
like this will come to
to the United States soon enough
Roman Q says 80% of spend their time
panicking consumed by guessing the Fed’s
monetary policy 20 percenters are calm
knowing that there will be 21 million
with having’s every four years couldn’t
said it better myself I’m like you found
that like button just buy Bitcoin says
did your year-long afternoons for music
help you appreciate the arts more now or
has it made you indifferent well my
year-long assonance from music continues
I want to point out until the York site
of my father which will be December the
10th you go by the Hebrew calendar in
terms of the mourning period so the
mourning period well we will not handle
November 20th it will end on December
10th which is the year since the Hebrew
date and during that mourning period I
have not listened to any music
I mean I’ve heard it in the background
but I’m not going on my way to listen to
it and I missed music I do I do miss it
a little bit I do know I look forward to
being able to listen to it so I do have
more of an appreciation of music but I
am glad that I have had time to focus
more on on big coin in other aspects of
my life so pick a is some music can be a
distraction but it can’t be a lot of fun
also and I do I do this listening uh but
it did late you know in the past that
wasted some time like we better go find
that uh who video from 1971 no you
really don’t have to do that Adam it’s
not it’s and I definitely uh definitely
uh it’s been reinforced to me
it’s it but IIIi would like to hear the
who I don’t think I’ve heard the who for
a year now almost a year it’s almost
November 20th it’s almost over it’s it’s
not a big deal I I’ve got a lot of
willpower I I’ll be able to easily make
it until December the 10th without
without music and of course it will be
nice for the mourning period to end
anyone in their right mind
doesn’t want to be in mourning okay hey
so it’ll be great to be out of mourning
and so I look forward to December 10th
and of course I look forward to December
11th also because that is the day of the
what a tie in here
the member windwalk Oien all of us are
going to get our MWC air-dropped coin
that we crypto dividend that we signed
up for
quite a few months ago got to be patient
these type of things so a lot of people
talk about Lebanon yep we’ve seen this
now of course has McCook who is of love
in the knees descent he brought it up on
my show what’s it now two weeks ago you
know what was going on in Lebanon he
informed the world that they were having
a little bit of a rebellion over there
so yet they need Bitcoin now they’re
having some financial problems because
the country’s falling apart more so than
it usually is falling far it’s falling
apart financially hopefully they’ll be
able to get rid of their Iranian
overlords but besides that yet this
happens in these countries all the time
these are relatively unstable countries
they need there’s a need for Bitcoin
they go through inflation they go
through times where they can’t get their
money on the backs when will all of
these people learn in these developing
countries most of them will never learn
but Lebanese are learning the hard way
yet again so good luck to the guys over
there I hope they apparently bitcoin is
selling fast over there and peer-to-peer
markets good this is what it’s for dudes
Val you’re welcome Bitcoin get it out of
there and get out of Lebanon if you can
I guess and send it to your buddies your
lebanese brothers in brazil and all over
the world there’s lebanese all over the
world because their country has so many
so unstable since what since 1975 or so
i don’t know when all that stuff started
going on there
apparently beirut was a quite beautiful
at one time and it’s still somewhat
beautiful from what i heard
argue if any other people are not typing
in bitcoinmeister they’re just saying a
lot of things
right but you’ve got one last chance
dudes someone says though I saw the
biggest gem and I rap add-on bus running
in Los Angeles I took a pic of it that’s
pretty cool I never saw a gym and I add
in Los Angeles they’ve got a lot of
money throwing and hey that is a way for
Americans to buy Bitcoin and then get it
off their exchange don’t get involved
the custodial aspects of it and don’t
trade over there but of course Gemini
wants you to trade and like you know
they want you to let them hold their
your precious Bitcoin because it’s not
your precious big one when they’re
holding it Nick Carter who is great he
just had a presentation and I linked to
a page of it below and he says and he
points out in this chart the growing
share of custodial Bitcoin calls for the
adoption of proof of reserve schemes so
the chart does show that through the
years it’s it’s more and more people are
letting other people hold their Bitcoin
that it’s grown in a faster rate than
people controlling their own private key
so Nick should suggest that these
organizations like Gemini and if they
want to prove that they’re legitimate
that they come up with some type of
proof of reserve policy where they show
that gate we actually this is how much
we have how many of them are gonna
actually do this who knows but as tres
mayor says coming up on January 3rd
proof of keys everybody should force
them to do this by removing your big
point from these third parties and then
they’ll be forced well we shall see
which ones are salted and which ones are
not but hey the trend is and this is not
my friend this is the trend the people
coming in the Bitcoin day or they’re
letting other people hold their Bitcoin
for them unfortunate they just don’t get
that the full glory of Bitcoin which is
to control your private key Jason
Whittle says he just
has a big exclamation mark thank you
dude and oh this is a great question by
– Val decorous is there black people in
Tel Aviv yes there are many black people
in Tel Aviv this is something that the
haters of Israel love to say that Israel
that’s all that the Jewish people all
over the world liberal Jewish people all
over the world want all these countries
that take in these illegal African
migrants and then in Israel no it’s it’s
for Jews only hahaha no if you take one
second on the ground then Tel Aviv when
you get off the train when you get off
the bus you walk on the street in south
Tel Aviv it is filled with people from
Sudan Eritrea they’re not Jewish at all
they got in there some somehow because
migrants from all over Africa want to go
to rich countries and they find a way to
even get into Israel ok and there’s
plenty of liberal people in Israel that
like it they want more more illegal
immigrants come into Israel come into
Tel Aviv you can go right there right
now people take a plane into Tel Aviv
take the train into to south Tel Aviv
and you will see many many black people
many African them and they’re actually
they set up stores they are Hair Weave
stores you can buy wigs at there’s all
sorts of catering toward the Africans
that are there they’re also Ethiopian
Jews that they’re also in Israel but I
think most people know about that but
yes there are many many black people in
tel-aviv many men and quite and many of
you would be very surprised if you’re
walking in and self and all of it all
the Israel haters the Jew haters out
there they know they don’t tell you this
they’ve never been to Tel Aviv they
never left
they’ve never left their little corner
dark corners of the world
I mean you travel you see stuff all
right uh and then Oh Moe Berg said is
Nick Szabo the real Satoshi no he’s not
but you really shouldn’t concern
yourself who the real Satoshi is that
doesn’t doesn’t doesn’t really matter
there’s a lot of people that there’s a
couple people with there’s one guy that
the Toshiba nothin the the real Satoshi
is hidden and that’s the way it real
slow she can’t be tracked down
it’s a cook baked thing dude it’s it’s a
click and I know why you’d want it yeah
I can see why people are curious but
it’s the oldest clickbait in the book
when it comes to when it comes to
Bitcoin that’s the oldest clickbait in
the book I did someone you list your
theory on who Satoshi is in the in the
title that one’s been going on as long
as there’s been Bitcoin people ask me
you know what’s what’s the earliest
thought I can remember well the earliest
freaking clickbait I can remember is
this is Satoshi this is Satoshi just buy
Bitcoin says the Fed admitted to more
than 2% inflation today while they cut
race again right after the sp500
all-time high okay sure
they admitted that this 2% inflation
today did they I mean it’s more everyone
knows it’s more than 2% inflation so
many aspects of life especially in the
80 percenter aspects of life 80
percenters love the by uh you know these
these fancy schmancy cars yeah those
things have been going up went way more
than 2% so inflation has reared its ugly
head in many of the 80 percenters stuff
quite quite quite obviously so but I
don’t care if the feds admits it or they
don’t admit what the inflation rate
doesn’t matter to me people make a big
deal out of it oh we got the Fed to a
minute so what people keep they keep a
pretty as many dollars as they want to
mmm tea works in the United States it
works it love it or hate it it works
they can keep on doing it because people
believe in the dollars story they can
keep on getting their 80 percent
materials with it even though there’s
prices keep going up so you just get in
the Bitcoin and watch it and see what
happens it’s the people love the welfare
dollar just buy Bitcoin yes yes they
love the welfare dollar indeed all right
that is it for today unless anyone has
any more questions going once going
twice sold alright i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister just rotmeister
remember subscribe
associated with you check out the links
below Pam out like button click on the
squares that you see and check out the
earlier show from today and follow me on
Twitter at Tech ball te CH B alt goodbye
mighty leap friends have a good evening
see you on Halloween bye

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