Bitcoin Exchange CEO Commits Suicide – Cue The Conspiracy Theories

October 12, 2019

the 28-year-old CEO a bit coin exchange
in Singapore has been found dead now
Tories are investigating this case
they RR thinking that it is a suicide
there suspecting that it’s a suicide
however it has not been confirmed at
this point
the name the 28-year-old is autumn
Radtke inch is actually an american that
was working in Santa Monica Calif
she was i very very knowledgeable about
a bit coin and she decided to go to
Singapore start her own business
a pic when exchange I’m now her friends
are alleging that her
us suspected suicide had absolutely
nothing to do with
a bit point facing some issues recently
if you know anything about it hackers
have been stealing pick one currency
and a large amounts of it be quite for
those of you who don’t know I should
explain what it is it’s a digital
unlike conventional money is bought and
sold on the peer to peer network
independent a central control which is
white so appealing to so many people
its value scouts or last year the total
worth a bit coins
is now at about seven billion US dollars
now when it comes to the amount of money
or the amount a big coins that have been
stolen by hackers
there was a lost love 850,000 bitcoins
worth more then %uh $550 million US
at today’s rates and then flexed coin
art lost about six hundred thousand
dollars worth
the online currency to hackers to so
I libertarians low bid going there were
like we don’t need the stinking
government to regulate this we’re gonna
be fine mobs
so now you know I he for that and
because the wonderful but the whole time
I was thinking tick-tock tick-tock
when is this gonna go badly right and
this case a suicide
we don’t know if it’s connected or not
but I could just see the conspiracy
theories now
are going to be there already I’m sure
circulating like crazy
was a really I don’t know I don’t wanna
for them I have no idea why she
committed suicide in weather was related
or not
I but you know I don’t know man
it there’s a reason why any the
government yep for protection
right and that’s the core Java
government and in this case
when you don’t have that and they still
the money it’s gone
you know yeah I wish we knew more about
our situation but one thing that I can
tell you is she had a colleague who
actually a rented her apartment for a
little while then he was actually a CEO
and founder a singapore-based
a company called go coin and he said
this was in a bit quite related death
she had other things going on in her
collectively there were a lot of small
factors it appears she picked a
permanent solution
to a lot of short term problems UK I was
who feel bad for her and her family
and what we’ll see what happens next
with it but
mica said my guess is a tremendous
amount of conspiracy theories

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