Bitcoin Breakout NOW! Ripple XRP $500M! Bybit Mobile App! (Cryptocurrency News + Trading Analysis)

December 2, 2019

what’s going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new video saved under the kilt video for you guys full
of information today I’ll be share with you guys the Bitcoin breakout that I
think could be happening in the next few hours whilst we looking at a 500 million
dollar Ripple strategies well as bi bit recently adding a mobile app we covered
all that as well as tons of other news that went on in the crypto currencies
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about that let’s dive into what exactly is going on guys buy bit first of all if
you are trading on leverage with bit mix or by bit as you guys know I have an
account for both of those and the reason is I used one for scalping I use one for
longer term trades however by bit trying to stand out has officially added a
mobile app which is something that bit Mex to my knowledge at least does not
have they’ve added a mobile app this is the beta testing so if you guys have now
signed up to a buy bit account and you want to give this a go there is a link
down below that it’s going to give you a bonus as well if you deposit a certain
amount so you use that link down below in the description and then go ahead and
test out the mobile app I’m going to be testing out as well and I’ll give you
guys updates as we go but this will be big for somebody who wants to trade on
the goal and wants to trade directly from your phone it’s even possible to
have a VPN on your phone so again both sides of that are very very nice and by
bit again doing a very good job standing out from its competition but now let’s
go into some Bitcoin technical analysis as you guys can see we’re getting pretty
pretty close to the bottom of this falling wedge and I’ve noticed a lot of
people talk about it now this is a bullish pattern we’ve talked about this
in previous videos and something else you’ll note is that especially if you
look at the history trends you’ll know about these patterns is that usually a
breakout occurs between the 65 to 75 percent mark right so a breakout people
were already expecting it all the way back to close to this range that’s when
people were expecting the breakout to happen now if we look at some of the key
patterns that we saw and I noticed one of you guys commented this in the
comments of the video as well so again congratulations for pointing that out
we were although we were in a bullish pattern which is the falling wedge it’s
a bullish pattern we were continuing to make lower lows right in the long term
we were making lower lows over and over again with a few times where it looked
like we tried to climb our way back up but again that failed we were rejected
at the resistance and we came right back down we saw a lot of manipulation this
range a lot of flash pumps a lot of flash crashes that came out a lot of
very large wicks so again this was a very dangerous area for those of you who
did not know her for those who don’t know exactly what they’re doing and
we’re relatively new to this space now one thing you notice that happened
recently I saw a lot of people talk about this since we were getting so
close because obviously this sort of higher load that we were starting to
make of this level it was still very early on people hadn’t identified the
pattern yet but we saw that happen again coming in over here where it looked like
we had one low and we had a little bit of a higher low and then just a little
bit before and I saw some people make videos on this you guys might have
watched those videos we were looking like we could have made a third higher
low and that would have been an opportunity for a bullish a bullish
breakout right making some higher lows getting close to the resistance testing
it again and then seeing that breakout and move to the upside that did not
happen however we did have this large week that came in and currently now
we’re still trading inside the wedge at now to me it’s getting very dangerous
and you guys know that I like to wait for a breakout and I know a lot of
people want that bullish breakout to happen a lot of people have set up their
bullish strategies but the more I’m looking at this right now and this is
not an official trade because of course it’s difficult for me to give you guys
an official trade this late with very little room to move recording this a few
hours before it goes live right it’s very difficult for me to give you an
exact trade but to me right now it’s looking more bearish than bullish one
reason is because we’ve been everybody’s been looking at this from such a bullish
perspective expecting a break to the upside and then also tying in with that
the fact that we haven’t been able to have that break to the upside we’ve
continued to get rejected from a the resistance it’s looking to me a little
more bearish than it is a bullish although even just then we do still have
room theoretically to drop down to like eight thousand three hundred and fifty
dollars and still be within the falling wedge which could see a you know of
rejection from that support and then move back up eight thousand three it’s
overall it looks like maybe we have a nice opportunity for a scalp for a short
but again it is looking the longer we stay in this pattern the which we do
still have a little bit of room up mines John until the end of the 20th of
November I do believe we should see a breakout coming relatively soon
just overall most people are looking at it as a potential upside breakout to me
it’s looking more and more like we might be seeing a break to the downside but
again it’s very important to stay on top of this keep an eye on on this don’t
trade if you’re not going to be there and being able to look at it because of
how fast this might move and how we might see a fake-out one side and all
that coming up because we’ve been trading in this for so long and a lot of
people are keeping their eye on this if you’re not gonna be able to watch out
for it do not say do not just set a trade and then leave and don’t look at
what happens again the easiest way we’ve talked about some previous videos as
well the easiest way in order to you know have a higher chance of succeeding
now this does not work 100% of the time either but is waiting for a confirmed
break if we’re going to upside setting it so that you enter once we have a
confirmed breakout with volume to the upside and then you ride it along you’ll
secure less profits obviously than if you entered within here but you’ll still
be able to secure profits in a more safe way rather
than entering and here in same can be said with a downside you know if we’re
going for the long and you enter here you would set these stop-loss somewhere
inside the range again or maybe even a little bit lower towards the middle and
same can be said if you’re going for a short wait for a confirmed breakout to
enter here and then write down like I said it’s not a 100% guarantee we could
have a fake out to one side and then it’ll come right back up and move
Bitcoin does whatever Bitcoin wants we have to adjust we have to stay patient
and we have to keep an eye out on what’s happening but again if you guys want to
stay up to date with exactly what I’m doing there is a link to the group where
I post every single one of my trade now this is pretty interesting as well we’re
gonna go over this this is a tweet that’s been getting a lot of attention
from cow Jones on Twitter now he said that Bitcoin has never failed a kuhmo
breakout in its entire history on the weekly chart now keep in mind is
something a lot of people overlook Bitcoin hasn’t been around for that long
right sure it’s been around for you know over ten years now but it hasn’t been
around for that long compared to other assets and therefore looking at a weekly
chart or a monthly chart there is significantly less information that we
have a significantly less data for Bitcoin than we do for a lot of other
assets and one book I really like reading and it was talking about the the
stock market the market so in general is a book called principles by the author
Ray Dalio who’s the fiftieth richest man I believe in the world like the 25th
richest man in the United States and he is all about the mark he started the
company of I forget the company’s call right now but it was a financial company
a very good company when it comes to investing they were actually able to
predict market crashes and he looked at over 500 years worth of data to see how
things at how one thing affected something else in order to make his
decisions so again Bitcoin in terms of that is very very new and it’s only been
around for ten years but again he said that every time we see this Kumo
breakout Bitcoin does continue to move its way enough so it’s looking like we
could be seeing that happen right now now short term that’s not that that
doesn’t mean we can’t drop a hundred two hundred dollars right this is a
longer-term thing this is the weekly chart so keep that in mind as well but
again it’s one sort of bullish news again it’s only happened twice before
this would be the first time so it’s a very small piece of bullish news but
is bullish news nonetheless for those of you who are interested now if we look at
the overall market Bitcoin Bitcoin currently say at sign at eight thousand
four hundred and eighty-seven a little depending on what you’re looking at
it’ll be a little bit different it’s down 1.5 percent on the day dragging all
coins down with it as well so it’s definitely a more red than green a day
in the market biggest gainer would be fusion breaking into the top 100 right
now but again very quickly after that we have all the red with the biggest loser
of the day being bytom verges down after the news we talked about previously and
again it’s nowhere near as down as it was before so after that nice pump it’s
still roughly halfway down might see some more red over there we have
cosmoses down aurorus down hollows down a lot of other cryptocurrencies are down
as well but this is pretty big and I know a lot of you that watch the channel
are interested in news from ripple seeing the price of X or P a lot of guys
are investors and like myself you think it’s going to be a good in the future is
going to be a good investment in the future now this is pretty interesting
the executive at or one executive at ripple has revealed a 500 million dollar
strategy that’s going to bring x RP and crypto into the main stream now this was
in an interview with abre he went on and said I think one way to think about it
is that we’re building is that what we’re building is we have almost a
top-down strategy that is working directly with financial institutions
providing them enterprise software that’s already customized for their
world and let’s let them tap into the power of X R P then we have a kind of
Bottoms Up strategy where we’re looking at just starting with X R P and other
cryptocurrencies and then focusing on developers and letting them integrate X
R P and integrate cryptocurrency into their applications it seems to me that
at some point they meet how and where they meet is kind of unclear so they
have a strategy of trying to get you know trying to get to different things
so that at one point it adopts into the mainstream and they meet in the middle
and it just all becomes one that’s a strategy that they’re looking at they’ve
committed more than 500 million dollars to a wide range of companies building on
blockchain technology and that is just from the X bring that arm that has
committed the 500 million dollars again buying different asses in
in different places so that they can play a part in making everything merge
right they talked about the top down and the bottoms up strategy that at some
point is going to me in the middle and that’s really cool to hear again hearing
that they’re investing their money putting their money where their mouth is
doing what they can and that’s is one of the reasons that you guys know I think
XRP is going to be a good investment in the future it might start off slower
might be slower compared to other assets right now but I think it’s one that’s
going to perform very very well in the future guys that’s gonna be it for this
video hopefully you guys did enjoy if you did don’t forget to leave a thumbs
up then leave a comment down below in order to enter a chance to win the
giveaways that we do every single Friday make sure you’re also subscribed and you
have your notifications turned on YouTube has been really annoying when it
comes to actually pushing you guys the videos on with notification so every
once in a while check back on the channel to see if there’s anything that
you’ve missed especially so you don’t miss the giveaways because I know you
guys are very interested in those but guys thank you so much for watching I’ll
see you guys on Wednesday for another video

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  • Reply Patrick Corsino November 18, 2019 at 6:01 pm

    UPDATE: We have already come down to hit the $8,350 level I mentioned in the video (happened shortly after I was done recording). Now we wait to see what BTC does!
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    thankful im still holding XRP

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    Banks and financial institutions looking increasingly shaky. Don’t keep any more money there than you can afford to lose!

    Bitcoin and Łitecoin mining reward halving ‘supply shock’ coming down the track …🥑🗡🥥

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