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October 8, 2019

Bitcoin Ascention okay guys so I’m going to quickly show
you a new ad scheme which is an ad ad a so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to
pick my picture which is obviously gonna be London so it’s gonna be Tower Bridge
just for the first one haha the bit and this is just to show you what to do so
please don’t copy this this is just an example of the video um and I am gonna
post it in the group so just to show you how to do it right so then I push done
this thing comes up I’m just going to borrow Ivan’s one that he did to save me
writing it out because obviously he wants it done quickly and not a long
spiel like he said so I just so say I’ve just written that out and then push post
and I’ve put it to public so I want to show you you can push on that bit there
and you can have it on friends or you can change it to public okay so what you
want is it you want it on public so that the whole of Facebook can see it so then
you push done you then push post like that in its own little time I’ve been a
continent blame for that but that will then come up on to your
wall and you’ll see the little world public now then why won’t you to then do
is push share the share button down there and it will say copy link so I
want you to push on copy link and then I want you to push on share again and then
write post I then want you to push there
and then want you to paste into there and that link will come up in there
I then want you to tap up here onto here your timeline what I want you to do is
then go to group and push on team ascension juicing sowing my camera
ladies doing an amazing job push on team ascension juicing and it
will come up at the top if you push on post there then
I will then flick over to team ascension juice in just wipe that down a bit and
there is my post okay so that is now on my timeline what I then want everyone to
do is what you would do is click on this link that is here and that is on my wall
so it goes to goes to my wall and then you can comment it’s had one share
because obviously I’ve shared into the group now what I want you to go you guys
to personally do is I’m going to use my daughters and then I will move it from
there is I want you to then push your finger down on there and it will come up
copy come up copy I want you to push on copy I then say so this is say you go
for the juicing I then want you to go to your timeline because it’s your wall and
I can show them how to do it and and then I want you to go to your photos I
want you to pick the same photo I picked which is the Tower Bridge I
then want you to push done Oh No power bridge power bridge up to tower
bridge and the one she’d push to done I then want you to click there
hold down it says paste so paste post and then it will come up on your
timeline as your post not that you’ve shared it from someone else’s post
because it always needs to look like it’s your post okay so but yeah I’m
gonna just delete that because that’s my daughter’s but that basically is how you
copy oh sorry how you copy and paste their
daily the new daily adds on to your wall and not share so don’t forget to push
everything I’ve done I’ve done it in the video if you’ve got any questions feel
free to ask me but as long as you copy exactly what I’ve done there you’ll be
able to basically if I go back to Tim juicing there is there’s my link
straight to my page yeah and someone’s already liked it so yeah there you go
and then you can comment and that will come up on my wall barbar then on just
the juicing wall what you must make sure you do is click on that link to make
sure it comes up onto my wall comments and not the juicing page in the wall
because no one’s gonna see that except for everyone that’s in the juicing group
okay that’s about it I hope that was short enough for you Ivan

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