Bitcoin $100,000 Prediction?! Banking Giant + Ripple XRP? (Cryptocurrency/Altcoin News + Trading)

December 10, 2019

what’s going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new videotape we got another kill video for you guys full
of information today we’re gonna be talking about what the heck bitcoin is
doing on the charts where I’ll be talking about a global banking giant
being bullish on XRP most tons of other news that went on in the cryptocurrency
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happen in just a few days not bad right now I’m gonna move my head let’s jump
into some Bitcoin technical analysis alright guys we are back now I’m zoomed
out a little bit more than I usually am and the reason for that as you can tell
I have a dotted line drawn at roughly $8,500 now the reason I wanted to draw
this line is because I see a lot of people start already entering Long’s
here for Bitcoin to shoot up now you might be successful but look at what
happened on bitcoins hourly chart this is the hourly chart I don’t usually go
to the hourly chart look at the wick that came in now a lot of people myself
included were any long position a shorter term long position not waiting
for a breakout short term long position that hit stop-loss with this gigantic
wick was a manipulation who knows exactly right I do know there is a lot
of manipulation that goes on in this market but I wanted to highlight that
this wick right here wiped out a lot of people’s positions when they had a
stop-loss is set and things like this happen a lot in crypto so people who are
already bullish on breaking out here I personally and I recommend waiting for a
confirmed breakout if you want to play it safe you want to play a high risk and
then by all means do whatever way you want but if you want to play it safe
wait for a confirmation I talk more about
this in every single video previous to this basically so I don’t want to go
through it too much again though if we do you know wait for the confirm break
of this line over here the resistance then watch for our higher levels of
roughly ten thousand eight hundred eleven thousand dollars break above that
and I think we’re good to go I think bitcoins going up to 12,000
13,000 and it could be a very very profitable trade but until we have that
break Bitcoin is still in this triangle and it hasn’t had any form of
confirmation as of yet Bitcoin actually to me looks a little more bearish at the
time of recording this video and all that might change looks a little more
bearish for the week than bullish and that’s why I highlighted this down
target right here $8,500 if we break below this level I’m going to be
watching for Bitcoin again not jumping in too early but if we do break below
this resistance of this support that we have right here
I do believe Bitcoin has a good chance of dropping down to the high eight
thousands maybe even to $8,500 don’t be the bearer of bad news I just
want to make sure everyone is realistic in the approach and knows both sides I
saw a great quote that said that predictions are for egos and I could not
agree more with that statement Bitcoin and
predictions are for egos because no one really knows what’s going on in the
market it is best to have both case scenarios in the short-term you can be
trading obviously in areas like this I told you guys we’ve been scooping up
under we’ve been entering long selling higher entering short it’s been working
very very well all that is fine but if you are waiting for a bigger move in
more midterm or long-term move wait for confirmation wait for an actual clear
sign that that’s the direction we are going before you enter any position just
to be safe because you could enter along here and Bitcoin might go boom and then
bounce straight off which is not something that would shock me if we do
come down in the next week or so and then shoot right back up after that keep
that in mind just wanted to share that with you guys
give you guys a little bit of a realistic approach but let’s enough
talking about bearish news let’s talk about some bullish news we actually have
a lot of bullish things coming out one of them is Bitcoin is still the best
performing asset in history and this stock to flow model which I want to
share with you guys has been very accurate this is from Plan B on Twitter
it’s been very accurate before it is a model based off of a based off an
equation that is calculating the price of Bitcoin and where exactly the
trajectory that it’s heading in now for this to remain accurate and Bitcoin has
to be over $100,000 or has to hit 100,000 keep in mind look how accurate
it’s been until now right for this to continue to be accurate $100,000 before
the year 2022 so by December 2021 again that is two years out but for the gains
that are plugged potentially there it’s not bad at all I’m sure you guys would
agree we can SH we should be having a $100,000 Bitcoin before the Year 2022
now I want to know your guys have thoughts on that following this mod you
guys can read more about how the model equation is calculated and go to his
twitter getting full credit to him for having use this a long time ago we’ve
been using this for several several years and it’s been accurate until now
it’s not a guarantee if you said it’s not a guarantee it is simply a potential
outcome it’s simply a prediction no guarantee whatsoever but let me know
your guys thoughts of a $100,000 Bitcoin before the year 2021 or before the year
2022 leave that in the comments down below
right now I’d love to know what you guys think looking at the overall market
though really quick just over a two hundred and sixty two billion dollar
mark at Bitcoin dominance starting to steady off a little bit again bitcoins
down 0.84% in the last 24 hours but if we saw the wick that I showed you
guys that happened right Bitcoin dropped a significant amount and shot right back
up buyers bottom right back up you know manipulation whatever it is you want to
call it there’s a bit of both in the market at all times there’s if you
believe there’s no manipulation you’re kind of delusional in this market but
also of course there are tons of buyers so keep that in mind it’s always a good
mix of both biggest gainer of the day no clue who this is but energy stay tuned
when we talk about energy towards the end of the video eight point seven six
percent gain crip terraeum waves Tasos up very a good amount as well and
then we’ve scrolled down you’ll see just a little bit of green definitely more
red in the market xmax down eleven point two three percent rain is down under ten
Aurora metaphor 0x after performing very well is also down 7.28 percent now back
launched live they were live 802 p.m. Eastern Time was the first back to
bitcoins future trade that was executed so again a positive start for back for
everyone who’s been waiting for that to happen congratulations
it’s finally here in terms of a direct effect on the price if anything it just
caused a huge wick to the downside on the hourly chart and that was it one
huge wake other than that prices being relatively steady not sure about time
you’re watching this video I recorded this three hours early because I’m busy
towards the time that would regularly look to record this video so hopefully
not too much this change and the information is still valid but that is
really cool to see obviously for everyone who’s been waiting for back
they launched with 18 BTC traded in the first few hours by now it is
significantly higher might be almost double that I believe but don’t quote me
on that it’s going to continue to grow obviously as we go on and more in terms
of bullish news this is a little bit more of a conservative prediction I
believe to counter our $100,000 but they could both be true now this from Willie
rule on Twitter a cheat sheet map of where we are in this bull market
according to on chain metrics now these are both using you know mathematical
equations this is using the on chain metrics mathematical equation is what
you know Wall Street uses for its BOTS it’s all these type of it’s all math
basically right it’s all math and obviously artificial intelligence comes
in as well but that’s a lot more fancy you know we’re closing up and we’re
closing up the opening act of the bull market and awaiting the middle bull
market to commence to give you guys an idea what exactly it’s looking at we are
in this range where it traded relatively sideways but you’ll notice there were
dips that came in there were dips that came in at this level and that could tie
in perfectly with what I was telling you guys before of us potentially seeing a
dip from Bitcoin down to maybe the high 8000 not saying it’s gonna happen I’m
not entering a short until we see a confirmation because it’s a very very
risky it’s a very very risky potential outcome I just want to highlight the
possibility now again from this chart we should be seeing by December this year
December 2019 a $20,000 Bitcoin moving on from there into early next year
getting towards the having we should be seeing a 25 to 30 to 30
$5,000 Bitcoin now this again is leading up to the having the next prediction we
talked about the 100,000 when we talked about before was by the before the Year
2022 so in theory we could have all of this happen but you’ll notice where we
are in the Bulls cycle again according to on chain metrics and you can see what
happened after that there were still dips in the market keep that in mind
it’s not just one straight shoot with one straight shot up to the moon right
that’s not exactly how it worked but you can tell that after this after this
period usually what happens is we have a nice little rally to hit new all-time
highs and that’s something I’m very very excited for now a global banking giant
said that XRP ledger is a potential game-changer this is a newly discovered
institutional grade report from banking giant hsbc they’ve labeled XRP ledger as
a potential game-changer that could help cut across corporate boundaries and
existing market structures the exact quote was DLT can streamline end-to-end
term value transfer reducing costs operational risk and settlement periods
for example ripples XRP ledger provides real-time cross-border settlements using
tokens that represent central bank currencies pretty good news for XRP if I
may say so myself course this is talking about the XRP ledger everybody has a
different opinion on Ripple I hold some ripples so naturally I am excited when
good news and big people talk about it you don’t hold Ripple then you probably
don’t care unless you’re one of those people that just likes to dislike what
other people have and what you don’t have we got plenty of those in the world
too so it’s a little bit you know we got a wide diversity of people in the
cryptocurrency space but that’s good news for XRP right there want to catch
you guys up on some XRP a bullish news all right guys so thank you to all of
you who have stayed all the way until this point in the video we actually have
a sponsor before we do the giveaway that I want to mention really quick now this
is energy or the ticker symbol and RG this a cryptocurrency ranked number 67
on coin mark cap with a market cap of just under 88 million dollars so it’s a
lot bigger than some of the ones you guys might have been used to seeing and
that’s one of the reasons I’m very excited to share some with you so bear
with me if you can see by the price currently they’re up at just under 9
percent of 8.75% today so it’s a great day
to be making a video about this cryptocurrency currently set at three
dollars and seventy eight cents and as you can tell from when it got started
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up a good amount so if you got into this one early if you heard about them before
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if not and you’re interested in picking some up you can actually get some on
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digi Phenix is the most volume I’m not as familiar with this exchange obviously
I’m a lot more familiar with cool coin they have over a hundred thousand
dollars in twenty four-hour volume there so not bad I would stick to these two as
everything else is really low in terms of volume in the 24 hours of time period
and it’s not very good for liquidity so if you’re looking a picks them up or
even if you’re looking to sell some definitely would stick to these top two
and the BTC pairing available for those they have this theory for coup point but
again like I said not worth it very very low liquidity right guys so moving on to
their website really simply their goal is to be the world’s leading
cryptocurrency with a unification of smart contracts governance and self
funding Treasury to ensure longevity and enable rapid growth you guys want to
check out this video I thought it was really cool make sure you do go ahead
and check that out it’s two minutes long though so I don’t want to bore you with
the video in this clip now exactly what they are like I said they’re scalable
there’s self funding cryptocurrency they want to become the world’s leading
cryptocurrency they are a coin not a token they’ve had no IC o—- and
they’ve had no pre mine instead what they decided to do is dispersed NRG
coins to people in the community through earned job so that’s something really
cool as well they’ve been live since April 2018 and
they are planning in q4 they’re going to transition to a smart contract platform
that is q4 2019 so it’s coming up very shortly so that’s definitely something
to look forward to as well if you are an investor now recently they’ve also
transitioned from proof of work to proof of stake that happened in February 20
1962 happens then they got listed on Koo coin which we talked about on the
exchanges if you look at their road map everything they’ve been able to do from
now like I said they launched April 2018 but that wasn’t where the project
started they obviously had to implement things they had to get started with
things a lot in advance you can see ever since q3 20s
17 they have on the RoMac this is everything that’s completed this is
where we are right now they have energy a 3.0 coming out and several other
things coming out in 2019 even 2020 and then they have stuff going on after the
coming years energy seeks to retain thousands of full-time contributors and
function as a powerful global organization unlike anything seen in the
cryptocurrency space energy will continue to expand marketing efforts
development and ease of use to rapidly increase demand and adoption so again
that’s the road map coming up they also want to fill out the team put the right
people in the right place which is obviously something very very important
when it comes to their team right now they do have a strong team if you guys
go look at the video they have a strong team in terms of development marketing
everything that’s going on so far and a good team for leadership but they are
still trying to fill out all the areas find the best people to put in the right
places which of course is 99% of what makes a project successful is the team
and the people involved so it’s definitely gonna be interesting to keep
up with that and see what exactly they have going on and how their team looks
and continues to grow in the near future now one thing they really want to
highlight as well is their treasury system their treasury system according
to them is these strongest out there in the crypto community and I’m gonna throw
up a graphic that they have made and they sent over for us to compare theirs
versus some of the other ones let’s say – for example now the overall philosophy
is that every dollar we invested into the system will yield much more than a
dollar of value back when invested appropriately with developers the best
marketing efforts and other expenditures that expand our reach their overall goal
with the Treasury is to have a system in place to help protect their user base
from scammers and hackers that think that’s really cool cuz as you can tell
the crypto space especially with newer projects that is a big issue and a lot
of people still to this day are falling to a lot of scams and something that I
absolutely hate to see so I am glad to see them fighting against that and I
hope that continues to work out in their favor and last thing but not least what
I always love to do check the crypto stats they have thirty one point five
thousand followers on Twitter with some pretty solid engagement compared to some
of the other cryptocurrency projects we’ve seen they definitely have a lot
more engagement than we’ve seen elsewhere so that’s really cool to see
you guys hopefully you did enjoyed this little clip hopefully you did enjoy our
sponsorship and now let’s run into the giveaway let’s see
who wins in the giveaway for the free one on one call with myself let’s take a
look at the winner the winner david johnson keep buying naturally I’ve seen
David say he’s been buying for a long long time so at this point I expect you
got a lot of crypto I know you’re also next RP fence so a great tie-in there
with the XR P bullish news and you winning the giveaway but guys thank you
so much for watching I’ll see you guys on Wednesday for another video

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