Bill Searching $1 and $5 FRN’s for Fancy Serial Numbers and Star Notes!

November 29, 2019

that’s it we’re not messing around
anymore we’re gonna find us a fancy serial
number today Hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds treasure and I’m done with 500 and
600 dollar bill searches we’re gonna find us some star notes we’re gonna find
us some fancy serial numbers I have a feeling about this one
that being said I’ve got $1,500 in ones that’s 1,500 ones to look through and
$1,500 in fives which is 300 five-dollar bills now I’ve got three
different banks that I got them from I got a stack of Federal Reserve notes
from one bank I got a teller strapped set of 500 from
another bank and then I asked for the older straps from another bank of ones
and they gave me some teller straps and look how much taller it is because it’s
not as tightly wound I also from the same three banks asked
for an additional $500 in fives so that’s why we’ve got them kind of set to where
they go so I know which banks they’re from so I get an idea of what I’m gonna
find we’re gonna start with the fives so there’s only 300 of them and hope that
we get something cool in there so we’ll start by doing a strap at a time I’ll
fill you enough to every strap and then I’ll give you a wrap-up of the
denomination when I’m done all right guys this is gonna take a while
but it’s gonna be a lot of fun I’ll loop you in should I find something worth
showing all right we’ve got that first strap of $500 in five-dollar bills done
all we got to show for it was a trinary but you know what it’s not in bad shape
it’s got a little bit of creases and I actually like the serial number I know a
trinary is only made up of three numbers and then in this case it’s 0 5 and 7 but
it’s got a lot of repeaters the 7 7 and the 5 5 and it’s only got one of the
third number this trinary is a little bit more cleaner looking by the way the
numbers are grouped so I like it even better if it was seven five seven zero
seven five five seven but you know what it’s not
No we’ll pull it aside for now it’s the first find let’s move on to the second
strap see what else we can find in it all right we finished hunting that
second strap two finds I’m not gonna keep this older bill first and foremost I
just wanted to show you the difference in the older style or at least one of
the older styles 2003 a serial number is not special it’s heavily creased and dirty
and it’s not even a pre-1980 anyway but I wanted to show you that bill and then
over here it’s kind of a fancy serial number it’s so close to being a great one but
look at this seven three six seven three seven six seven if the final two sets of
numbers I guess it was not final two if these other two numbers were switched
first to be a seven three it would be seven three six seven seven three six
seven that would have been a trinary with the repeater but it’s not it’s only
a trinary typically I don’t like keeping trinarys unless the serial number looks
cool and this one is so close that it actually looks cool to me definitely
will be keeping it both those are not too bad for being trinarys we’ll set
them aside and we’ll get on to the third strap alright guys that third strap was
the best wrap sometimes it works out that way we got another trinary first
and foremost and you know what it’s almost like a binary because it starts
with a zero and then it’s all fours and ones so I really like it as well
normally I’m picky on trinarys but these three to me have a little extra
something to him so I’ll be holding on to him plus they’re $5 trinarys and
I kind of like them but look at this three star notes in that last strap and
that actually helped a lot because I’ve always said it
you should average one star note per every strap so I’m expecting 15 or more
star notes and those straps you never know though sometimes you get these
hundred uh straps you don’t get any what I always like to do at the end of the
video is to wrap up the print run and Rarity’s of the star notes but because I
have so many bills to go through I’m gonna go ahead and check these up right
now wrap up the fives and tell you the print run and rarities of these three
star notes and I’ll be right back okay everyone I went ahead and checked the
printer on a rarities and these three star notes unfortunately all three of
these star notes are part of a 3.2 million print run for
each of these respective series and actually these two MB series are part of
the same series but 3.2 million print runs nonetheless so they’re at the
bottom of the rarity scale so yeah in this condition there might be a
little bit of value above face at the end of the day we did get three cool trinarys to go along with three star notes and the five dollar series which I don’t
get a lot of I don’t hunt it a lot but I don’t get a lot of them either so that was
pretty fun now we’re gonna move on to the 15 full 100 dollar straps of $1 bills
we’re gonna save the Federal Reserve ones for last we’re going to start with
these uh I guess more seasoned bills maybe we got some old ones in there
maybe we got some damaged ones in there but we’ll start with those then we want
to the second set of teller straps we’ll save the federally wrapped reserve notes
for last we finished hunting that first strap and
it was actually a very productive one we got to start notes in it as well as two
trinarys and I’ll show you those in a second remember at the end of the one
dollar bills all of them I’ll cover the print run and Rarity’s of all star notes
look at this serial number man he had me going for a second
I don’t know what I was doing but I was pulling the bill down and that’s all I
saw and then I saw the seven but I saw another one and anyway it’s only a
trinary but it’s also five in a row or five of a kind really six of a kind with
the other one but pretty nice note and I said this was a trinary that was a mistake
it’s not a trinary but I kept it because it’s a mixed
ladder kind of in those first ones two three four five six any went three zeros
I was just started with three zeros and did that or even had a one in there and
two zeros but at the end of the day I’m thinking about holding on to it because
it’s kind of cool and people do like sometimes the mix ladders with a lot of
zeros in them so well hold onto it for a little bit but to any extent I wanted to
show you the first straps fines now we’re gonna move on to the second strap
we’ve finished hunting strap number two and found a couple more star notes so
finding two per strap right now which is a little bit better than normal but
I’m sure there’ll be some straps that don’t have any
there typically is some like that let’s move on to the third
all right you finished the third strap of $1 bills and guys that was some ugly
bills in that strap so the bad news is it was ugly bills the good news is we
only pulled out one I guess and look how close this was and it’s ugly by the way
it’s only a trinary eight threes and ones but look how close that was to
being a repeater eight three one one eight three one three I’m gonna keep it
for now cuz it is kind of a cool note it’s an absolute trashy condition but
we’re pulling aside to see how many fines we get let’s move on a strap
number four all right strap number four ended up being a pretty good one for us
we got one star note and it’s pretty clean it’s a little bit of folding down
there but overall it’s pretty clean I like the way it looks
we got a series 1988 a so I’d always keep those notes that’s thirty years old
and it’s actually in pretty good shape overall so I’m pretty happy with it I’ll
take that and then I pulled these out I’m probably not gonna keep them they’re
nothing special but there’s just something about him
like this top one oh six oh three oh four five Oh would rather been oh five
or even better oh six oh five oh four OH three or oh
three oh four oh five OH six but it’s kind of collectible because it has a
mixed ladder separated by zeros so maybe not keep it but I pulled it out anyway
and then this one I kept because it’s not a trinary but it’s got six seven
eight separated by a zero but I really liked the full house in the
middle with another seven there again not that collectible I’m probably gonna
toss them back I’m just showing them just four other things that I look at
now let’s move on to the fifth strap and we’ll finish off the first Bank
strap five didn’t produce anything but I did pull a couple of bills out to show
you some close calls eight seven five two five two seven eight had that second
set of fifty-two been 25 it would have been a radar 8 7 5 2 2 5 7 8 but it’s
not and then this one another close call 3 1 4
eight eight four hadn’t been a one instead of a four and then the three
would have also been a radar anyway just wanted to show you that we’re now going
to move on to the second baked strap number six step six yielded nothing
let’s go to strap 700 for the last two straps at the new bank so far and no
fines so we’re going to strap eight third strap of the new Bank
all right good sign nothing else in that strap besides the star note but strap
eight did give us a star note and we’ll take it for sure we’ll add it to the
star notes that are starting to stack up and we move on to strap number nine
strap there were nine it’s been hunted and there’s nothing to keep but I used
to keep 1999 bills and older but I recently thinned out my collection to
exclude 99s I do have 95 because they were web note years 95 93 and 88 a I haven’t found a web note but 99 has no value it is a pretty good shape but it’s not old
enough let’s go on a strap ten all right guys tenth strap actually produced a
couple of notes of interest first and foremost we got a trinary with six 9s
and zeros I like it a lot and it’s in good shape and then it’s almost a
trinary but it’s not quite because it has zeros twos threes and nines but I
like it because it’s 9 2 3 0 9 2 to 3 so I’ll pull it out is cool fine as well so
what we got out of that Bank star note and a couple of finds now we go on to
the Federal Reserve notes and typically I do better I’ll tell you after 10
straps only having six star notes and having four in the first two straps it’s
been slow but now let’s check out the Federal Reserve Note straps yeah alright
first Federal Reserve Note strap strap number 11 had one star note and wouldn’t
you know it it’s got a First National Bank stamp on it it happens but we’ll
still add it to the star note collection and move on to the next strap strap
number 12 give us another star note at least well added to the star no
collection and we’re gonna strap number 13
strap 13 yielded us a couple of more star notes which is always good that
puts us at 10 now still we need five in the last two straps to average the one
per hundred and I pulled this bail out as well just because it has four zeroes
on the end and I like any bills that begin with four zeros or n and four
zeroes so I’m pulling an aside is kind of a cool find again probably not a lot
of value in it but it’s something that I look for let’s move on to strap 14 strap
14 no star notes but we did get a 1993 bill which I checked for the web note
the plate numbers below the e if it was above the II after the in god we trust’
it’s a web no which is a lot more valuable but I still collect the older
notes so we’ll put it over there to the side and move on to the 15th and final
strap remember I’ll be doing a wrap up of the star notes of print runs and
rarities at the end of the video all right guys the final 15 strap 1500 one
dollar bill searched did give us a couple of more star notes to make it
close 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 3 short we got 6 in the first 10 straps and we
got 6 out of the Federal Reserve straps which brought us back a little bit but
still not disappointing I guess the biggest disappoint was I didn’t find any
really fancy serial numbers you’ve seen all those polls let me go ahead and put
these in order by year and by serial number and then I’ll check their
priority and I’ll give you a round up all right guys here’s the wrap-up of the
star notes this o 6 note 3.2 million print run these o 9s also 3.2 million
print runs and all of these from 2013 were all also 3.2 million print runs so
no rare ones I’ll point out though had this L been in a series with 0 0 0 to
begin 3 zeros and then started with any number it would have been part of an
80,000 print run and that’s one of the rarest notes you can get this isn’t it
though this is part of the 3.2 million print run of course still we got to add
another 12 star notes to the collection and some other cool finds hopefully you
enjoyed this bill search with me if you I’d really appreciate a thumbs up and as
always everyone happy hunting and thanks for watching

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