March 5, 2020

what is up guys welcome back to my
channel if you’re new here I’m Lizzy and today we’re going to be doing best
painting wins $10,000 so there are gonna be three rounds and
whoever has the most points wins the entire challenge so we’re gonna be
painting some paintings today on this little like easels and little canvas yes
sir alright yeah pretty good painting yeah you guys ready this is just like
the pancake art challenge each person will have three minutes to complete
their painting the winner of each round gets one point and whoever has the most
points at the end of the three rounds wins the challenge
and wins $10,000 okay so are you guys ready for round number one yeah ready do
it picture we have to draw it’s just spongebob so now alright three minutes
on the clock I’ve done Sponge Bob a couple of times
on I think pizza and paper pancake in the bag hang on and I’ve done really
good at this so I think I am going to make a really good spongebob and then I
had a do spongebob we’re making spongebob it’s not copying
I’m starting off with my black outline and then I’ll fill in colors so get the line up guys look at that
lineup Wow hey I’m impressed with what we can try that’s high so everybody finished their Spongebob
painting and we’re gonna go through the lineup Carter you’re up first
I’m up first let me show you what I got my spongebob
I got a nice black outline and I only ever got to using a couple colors orange
for the body or yellow for the body and orange for the pants I think it looks
pretty good Liz let’s see what you guys so my spongebob is also outlined in
black I actually got to finishing the whole thing unlike you guys he kind of
looks like these though it’s it works out I think all right I think it’s
important to note that this is just a perfect representation of Spongebob
photo-realistic and it doesn’t get much more accurate it’s pretty interesting
how you did this that’s great in his tie is just if
you’ll notice mine versus the other two that I would show so far there is a tie
included he has different shading on his body where I don’t see any shading on
these two guys do well the only thing is my eyes are a little bit a little bit
uneven but I don’t see any blue on their eyes drew
and then you know I think mine is the best of roadster for the legs a little
bit angle you know Tilton I think I won this one and the results are in
hand me the results oh there it is I wonder who’s gonna win I think it’s
gonna be okay so stove gets a point which puts him in first place let’s move
on to round number two for the next round we are going to be painting the
llama from fortnight whoa that looks a little bit harder thank you yeah this
one is a little bit harder you’re gonna have to use a lot more color if you want
to win this challenge we got three minutes on the clock timer starts now
okay so we have three minutes yep okay I’ve never painted this before this
could be tough using my brush technique hey don’t mind this is definitely more challenging
there’s no doubt about that yeah this is way harder oh no I got first we got Stoke let’s see what you
got alright stove is there any champ you got
then what stage remaining champ I think looking down the line I got the whole
package almost talked about it I got rose I mean in the picture of there are
no legs and I’ve got a little bit of grass I forgot the trees though so that
might hurt me in this round so we’ll see right I really think I learned a lot
from last round I perfected my technique and this is my masterpiece yeah we got a
perfect llama with beautiful lush grasses the beautiful background with
the trees in the back and the road very detail-oriented then we got the long run
with the little legs and body and the face and a smile all right last but not
least we have my painting and I want to talk you through how great this thing at
first glance you might be a little bit shocked and that was intended if you
zoom in on the llama you’ll see he’s got quite the under bite I don’t see that
under bite and any of these other drawings but you do see it in mine i
exaggerated that piece because I knew other people will leave it out so this
is a detail-oriented a llama face okay well let’s see what the judge has to say
and see who wins this smart round a little worried about this one all right let’s see what is this one
it’s the same as last time okay this is it are you kidding this is
so biased we get a new judges I don’t like this judge I mean we’re gonna need
a justification from the judge as to why because no one else has the underbite
this is accurate oh really so scope on the last round and he’s
still in first place with the total of two points but this final round is gonna
be very challenging it’s the hardest painting and it’s gonna be worth a total
of three points so it could be anybody’s game so you’re saying I still have a
chance yes sir all right let’s get to it we are
going to be painting the Mona Lisa what the Mona Lisa the most famous painting
in the world I know that’s why it’s worth three points and if you paint it
perfectly it’ll be worth millions of dollars so technically if you win you
get $10 and millions because it’s a perfect painting that is true and I do
see some hidden talents right here so someone might be able to replicate it
exactly we will have five minutes in this round because of how hard this
painting is timer starts now I have a leg right seconding I’m gonna
coffee I’m copying wow I’m gonna wool what I’m doing is I’m working backwards
and then work their layer stuff that is justice so I’m sorry we get
through you through it you guys you guys seeing this I’m gonna be Bob Ross is a
lake and trees lives in the back of this ok she’s copying my technique Oh guys
I’m really sorry ok this before you DQ this is cutting me shut up Bob Ross she’s literally Bob rotting trees as she
says there’s no trees in this that’s copy Oh 9:8 I’m already done sound good six five
four three two what stressful okay let’s go down the line Carter you want to
start first oh please of course yeah so this is my
Mona Lisa so the technique I did was get the background as precise as possible so
it’s do a quick side-by-side comparison so this is the original wait no this is
the original but it was similar you can almost not tell how great is but the
background with the sky and don’t forget the lake and the trees in the shrubbery
and the little path right here those are all very important details and then I
painted a Mona Lisa on top of the background okay well looks like I’m up
next here’s my main thing of Mona she looks
amazing as usual and um I would say I had a very interesting painting
technique you can see the little like shoulder throw that goes like on her
shoulder when her eyes or her nose very detailed so I think I got this one
details yes wrong details right off well I did the background first I thought it
looks pretty good and then when I did the eyes I turned into a man that’s
that’s the mouth and that’s like a little of this thing under you know this
is like Picasso’s little abstract but I got the colors right and I got the skin
tone right as well and then that’s and that’s the road so my details are
actually very good and I think there’s the lace there’s no abstract right there
and her face you know I would emphasize her beautiful face this is so you should
honestly like that’s her name right this painting will I come alive okay guys
comment down below whose Mona Lisa painting is the best
let’s see the final results feeling good about this one I haven’t won a challenge
yet but all I need is this last challenge to win up by one point
oh okay what is it this is insane really I can’t believe heads a who is
this judge she’s fired or he think there’s some kind of beauty with this
one looking from a distance that looks like the original so this is a winning
painting it is literally worth ten thousand dollars and it will be on sale
we’re gonna put a listing on eBay so it’s gonna be in the description below
go check it out if you guys want to purchase Larry the Mona Larry the Mona
Larry guys I cannot actually believe that Ryan’s painting is now worth ten
thousand dollars crazy I’m out of here alright well thank you so much for
watching and I’ll see you guys next time bye

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