Banknote World – Behind the Scenes

November 30, 2019

Since I was young I was a collector of
world banknotes. My passion and dream has always been to make the biggest shop
to display and sell world banknotes for collectors. Banknote World has been a
leading company in the banknote collector industry for over a decade. We have a
physical location in Irvine California which is one of the safest cities in the
USA. Banknotes tell you the stories behind who and what are on them, they
also tell you the history behind why it was created during that period. We look
at banknotes as genuine artifacts capturing periods of significance for
our country. Political figures, heroes, even martyrs are all immortalized on
paper money. From the second a decision is made to venture to a new country to
procure inventory we use our integrations to bring those banknotes to
all of our sales channels. Our dedicated authentication team
validates every banknote and passes them along to imaging where the highest
quality lenses are used to provide the finest details to our collectors. From
here our custom developed software uploads the banknotes to our sales
channels within minutes of image completion. Packaging and shipping team also utilizes our custom software to authenticate every order making
fulfillment and efficient seamless process. Innovation and customer
satisfaction is at the heart of our company. Therefore the relationships that we build between our customers and the
organization are important. We have a highly organized system within the