Banknote Unboxing

February 25, 2020

people so hello people are you going
this is Glenn and today I’m gonna do an unboxing but future videos I will do
some Greek currency some Greek coins because you know Greece it’s just full
of history I also start on a lot more Halfpenny videos and I do it
Florin videos coming up as well so today we have an unboxing so no one that’s in
doing ok so first thing I’d like to know is that United States stamps see it says
forever that means you’re waiting pay one price so if you brought this in 2018
and the price went up like 10 20 cents it doesn’t matter you can still use it
so that’s a good thing we need it actually in straight look that’s
actually a beautiful stamp I like that and then we have stamps from Vietnam so
food chew and then postage 10050 dong laughing that’s a bell Oh something like
sixty cents or whatever and Vietnam doesn’t actually produce enough stamps
that are actually high value denominations so this one actually had
seven stamps on it but you know those oh then I’m still uses the old damping
system stirred about the new ones that we actually have so let’s have a look
what I actually have yeah now people gun oh can you trust buying
stuff from denim well I’ve actually bought quite a few items from Vietnam
and I’ve never actually had a problem with it
this seller so from Vietnam here is her information so if you’d like to get in
contact with her um I actually am very favorable towards her because everything
I’ve actually gotten if I asked a question and she’s generally she replies
back because she’s in Vietnam her English is
green not 100% so if you can use Google Translate this entered in Vietnamese
that seems to be food so it’s a nice plug so that’s her information it looks
like a P o box near News the website as well so that’s a good place to actually
get some items and she’s always sending these two hundred dollar banknotes don’t
really need them not really interested in collecting them because it is the
lowest bank night in Vietnam and I’ve got some coins as well sorry I’ve got a
few coin sets this is a 1974 in in high-grade I’m not too sure of these are
actually out of her uncirculated coin sets but let’s have a look they look
like pretty much uncirculated just a lot of tining on my actual coin so yeah 1982
these are actually very common coins but this one’s in a pretty good condition
all pretty much uncirculated as you can see the one and two cent not toned yet
whatever dates for that 1979 so pretty good one cent to 50 cent so let’s have a
look at the 50 cent and save it’s double bar probably not
nah that’s not double bar as you can see it’s actually in very good condition
probably few scratches most uncirculated I would say and another one is new
that’s good condition what the eights this one our 1971
so 1971 it said that has some we’re in damage but you know getting
these good seats so let’s have a look at the banknotes that I actually have I
only have a brief description so from the United States let me just have a
look and I have a French French Africa one franc not too sure what day this is
but it looks like I actually might be from the 40s and looks like this one was
actually stapled that’s why it actually has these marks there they’re being
ripped out so I love it countries actually use staples I didn’t know
there’s an actual staple actually in there that’s a staple as well and when
you leave staples in banknotes they tend to rust and this is what happens or if
you leave a metal object on a banknote that’s what actually can happen one
quiet 1970 something from Burma 74 or whatever and circulated it but these
were actually easy to get a 1000 francs from Burundi to ever be I think 30 cents
or something like that 2009 now these ones been replaced by the
newer series um 2012 from memory so you won’t get these in circulation in
Burundi anymore and as you can see has a memorial probably Independence Memorial
with the burned a flag and personally I wouldn’t go to his country because is
still in the Civil War Oh 25 rupiah 1959 from Indonesia this
currency was replaced in 1965 by the new repaired about 1,000 to one so this
one’s in nice beautiful condition I actually want to collect more Indonesian
banknotes and a 100 real from Cambodia this is a the full face Buddha in ankle nanny
watermark is also the full face Buddha and there’s a camera up there on the
back it has French mr. bank dude cambogia this is morning 60s issue and
this will circulate up until the comers took over the country so let’s have a
look at the ones I got from him Vietnam not Cambodia Vietnam was right
next to Cambodia so here’s a $200 this is actually a current circulating
banknote you could actually I saw quite a fuel from in Vietnam although never
got any in change because prices were actually rounded up to the nearest
thousand there’s a tractor so that’s a nice banknote ah I like this one so this
is a commemorative one celebrating the Pacific game so the sixteenth Pacific
Games and serial number has pg4 Pacific Games and sixteen and there’s a maximum
of ten million of these banknotes although I’ve not actually seen any of
them over 100,000 so maybe it’s this looks like that might have been cut
strange so yeah yeah looks like it’s a lot
smaller than here then it is on this side so we cut arid that actually
doesn’t occur that often but it’s not actually rare as well here’s the back
I’ve got some news playing rugby someone rowing in collecting coconuts so it’s a
nice banknote beautiful 2019 has an exchange rate of about five dollars
Oh as a security feature for the blind and it’s polymer the only banknote
that’s actually polymer in Samoa and it’s the same color as the current ten
Tyler awesome oh okay Chinese banknote as a swing yachts in on
it okay this one has so we’re reading it this way so says Chinese Republic 26
year so 26 says 1937 beautiful these ten you won national currency so 1937 there
Thomas De La Rue London so that’s probably probably central bank of china
building in Shanghai I would say might not be national currency and the
watermark is a pagoda so top of pagoda nice beautiful banknote room sold the
oral 1974 issue has Garcia Inka de la viga don’t know who he’s and a building
pari Donna probably not the central bank building and Lake Titicaca which is a
big like bordering Peru and Bolivia and then he got some native peoples native
boats and they have a lot of a raft islands there oh did I get there oh okay
okay okay sometimes you can’t remember so I got three of them consecutive
series consecutive run I like that Oh Uruguay and this one is it’s 1980
sometime it’s their evades his own over pesos
he has Artigas you might have been one of the freedom
fighters in South America and here we have another building not sure need to
look that up so far one thousand new pesos which they suffer from inflation
ooh just want to be in Waiting again a half dollar from Bahamas they just
reintroduce this this is a 2000 in 2019 it should have a date on it you know
believe they should use fast you and this is a taken off the previous half
dollar a woman in the market now she does a specific name but I can’t
remember at the moment ok watermark is Queen Elizabeth the second and half and
it has Queen Elizabeth as a native a skink and a flower and my pops Bahamas
and the muhammad’s dollar is actually equivalent to when US dollar so this is
equivalent to 50 US cents okay another one Somalia so this is a new shilling so
this is equivalent to five thousand old chillin so that will be 100 to 1 this is
issued towards the end of the central government as you know some only it’s
broken up doesn’t have a central government in 1991 so the government
actually felt at that time city’s modern have been issued for circulation might
have been issued afterwards and actually didn’t have 8 5000 smiley shilling
denomination so this is a new one and as far as I know that oh and actually
circulate now anymore now actually issued 820 new shilling okay so that’s a
nice beautiful back now and actually quite like that need to get to 20 so
this is the highest denomination Smiley’s ever issued beautiful Oh
Honduras another a lot of free banknotes 2014 has
that coid air we should I put the name on so no it has all their Tigre el tigre pulled toward the and power support of
Impala it’s a looks like a actual volcano
actually so that’s nice so this one the value of Honduras is about 20 amperes to
$1.00 this is about 10 cents and that only they issue 1 2 5 10 20 50 100 500
lempiras and do they show thousand not too sure but you know the one in Central
American countries actually pretty much just used banknotes the 25 and 50
centavos probably not really used oh one I’ve been waiting to get on Japan 1 yen
1930 issue as you can see I can’t actually read that I know a little bit
of Chinese but not that much okay and this one is promise to pay the bearer on
demand 1 yen in silver nice and here is the actual one Ying coin so on the other
side I think he has a dragon and won’t be something else uh he’s just too much
coins and banknotes actually remember so it’s a nice banknote beautiful I’ve been
waiting to get that Oh to Indochina 20 and 50 cent from the Second World War
1942 these are not rare pretty common but then I spent notes actually get
another Cambodian so run off decent run off free no free oh no nearly no damn
they’re probably part of the same lot because
two numbers match up but you know different lot although they are have a
lot of stains on them face is a fifty real used up from 1955 to about 1975 and
here’s angkor on the back beautiful this is one of my favorite banknotes a quote
like that beautiful most these ones you can probably get for like two three
dollars each self Vietnam one hundred one thousand dong said a high-speed
banknote these are the 1972 issues that it would have been used up until 1975 it’s nearly close damn dude you’re not
nearly nearly nearly dance there’s a central bank building in Saigon Ho Chi
Minh City live and die yet I think that is in the watermark or maybe it’s not so
go on no five hundred dong 1968 Oh another run off for free Nisa fifty
dollars believe these are the same issue probably nineteen seventy or whatever
fifty dong selfie announcer this is the last banknote in circulation in 1975
when a country collapse but a nice serious actually get beautiful last
banknote I got like this one so in the nation 5 p.m.
I’m not Indonesian Indochina so this painting all just circulating Laos
Cambodia event um 5p Esther’s definitely French type but
here we have ankle and a woman we’ve probably looks Cambodian to me so we
have it in Lao Chinese Cambodian Vietnamese down the bottom and you
bought it mark I guess looks like look at that
what a mark looks like an ancient Greek god well maybe it’s just in the
watermark and I presume she represents France merci beaucoup
so that is my new banknotes I actually got so I need to just check them out
I’ll go to one of the banknote websites and thank you for watching have awesome
Bank know collecting time if you’re wondering about values I will make
different videos tell me how much these actually cost

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