Authenticating Zimbabwe Currency (100 Trillion)

December 2, 2019

Today I am going to discuss the process
to authenticate Zimbabwe banknotes using a UV backlight as well as the security
features. At Banknote World, trust is a big part of our engagement with
collectors and buyers. We have an authentication process where we validate
all banknotes using a UV backlight to make sure they are authentic before they
go in any order. Before we put the banknotes under the UV backlight I would
like to show you a few examples of uncirculated bundles and bricks as they
would look directly from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. Here we have bundles of the 10, 50 and 100 trillion Zimbabwe banknotes as well as a brick of the 100
trillion. Now let us review the security features under UV black lighting.
Remember you must be in a very dark room to get the best results and some
features will not be visible without proper lighting. The real banknotes have
glow-in-the-dark specs all around the banknote. The golden smudge on the bottom right corner appears to change color almost blending in with the note itself.
Both serial numbers become vibrant orange on the left and green on the
bottom-right. The left center of the note glows a golden hue and the triangles in
the image glow a bright yellow on the back of the banknote there are green
glow in the dark speck scattered throughout the image same is on the
front, in addition the triangle graphic also glows a bright yellow in between
the cascading Victoria Falls and the cape buffalo. Thank you for joining us
and be sure to go check out our website at for more
educational videos.

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