Australian $50 worth $$$ more than face value

December 11, 2019

so hello people are you going and so
this is good my Gumardee coins and banknotes
so anyway today I’ve got two good catches today so yeah I have a 2014 one
dollar it’s you know K condition this one is a live mint so it’s got the mob
of Roos and the mean teachers a bear because 1.1 million from memory so that
is actually one of the lowest minted one dollar coin series if I just have a look
back the second-lowest he’s not Marbury’s would be probably the 2005
through 5.9 million so this is one of the lowest chimera is a different story
2005 commemorating 2015 shows a commemorative 1.4 2016 commemorating 50
years of decimal currency for five hundred sixty thousand so this one’s a
pretty good pick up not too sure how much they sell on a bunny they should
sell for few dollars of course the yellow mint and the second thing I
actually picked up was this thank know in pretty good condition so there’s only
two folds there it’s very light but this one is a 2011 $50 banknote yes we we
actually still use these most sort of $50 banknotes are still these ones the the older banknotes are still in
circulation from 2005 actually I’ve spent spent one today that was 1995 it’s
not worth keeping anyway this one is a last prefix JC and
it’s in very good condition so I’m actually gonna keep this one keep on
to it because these ones actually appreciate much faster then the one set
a prefix in between I can’t I can’t remember what the actual lowest number
is so these will just start at nine nine nine nine nine and they would have
finished probably they’re free I name three hundred pairs and they just could
have gone straight through Book value for this one is some JC I must
uncirculated 70 bags 5050 but over time this will appreciate envy because it’s
the last prefix so doesn’t matter what country you’re in Hong Kong Australia
United States United Kingdom mono Poland where have you worked you always want to
find the banknotes that have the first Alaska prefix beer and again needs
actually find out what the first and last prefix ah but in Australia on the
Reserve Bank of Australia website they’ve been oh it’s no serial numbers
but they give you information old serial numbers that were released and the last
one the issue was 2017 and 2018 should come out soon enough so but a Hong Kong
they don’t actually release same information so to be harder to actually
gather so anyway thank you for watching my video to be short this one have an
awesome coin collecting time let’s look at all the coins in the bank look
awesome bye bye

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