Australia scarce 1996 $5 banknote with different signatures

December 22, 2019

so hello people this is Glenn again and
in continuation with my bank notes these are $5 skin yeah as the previous ones
with the vine and fig hatched these ones and 1996 96 and the only difference 20s
is the different signatures this is the first one issued Evans and freighter
this was the second one issue Evans and Fairlane so this guy retired let’s go
ahead to Chiron you know believe these were issued these ones the second half
were issued in a something like September when you took over and these
ones with just a bit more than those ones yes they printed quite a lot of
these banknotes not as much as 1995 but it’s still quite a lot and what else
wait let me think yes that’s it the if the banknote signatures change you
expect that the suriname will follow a certain pattern like this one would have
been from be a which it would have been a first prefix to unknown like DK but as
you can see here DF that comes before DK and this one was one yep issued later so
obviously when they print these they that the serial numbers are all over the
place and you can find different signatures from be a to EA which is the
last one so if you come to Australia try let’s see if we can get 96 banknotes
try and get my uncirculated with this signature combination because they’re
worth more any signature combination yeah 125 uncirculated and this one’s I
need 55 and circulated so there’s a big difference in pricing anyway I hope you
enjoy these banknotes and have a nice thing

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