Australia $20 banknote

December 4, 2019

I people who this is glenn back with
another video about this strange i need dollar banknote and this is the actual
bank note here i’ve only got three bank notes but that is sufficient to show
what i want to show this first one issue between 1966 and 1973 at the combo for
australia and the second one issue from 1974 to 1994 so bet 20 years just had
australia on it this is the current one the polymer banknote issued from 1994
this Bank Note will be replacing 2018 with a more updated version to be
similar to five dollar banknote yup okay there’s really not much to say if you
want to look at the reverse it just has a person and images that are
associated with that person like John clean you’re the pilot and all that
stuff medical research also explorer okay mary rowe be obvious ship she came
on probably a place she stayed okay Kim said Smith was a pilot you died I think
somewhere near Papa New Guinea nine birdies and I’m ways probably represent
something dil variational wind ok here is the security Fred you can see the captain cook there’s a watermark and if
I hold up the 20 and see the coat of arms need a 20 up there it’s actually
pretty hard to see at the moment now this twenty dollar now should have you
be on it but I’ve done of UV lamp you can see the differences in the serial
number once okay on these banknotes save two separate types of font face this
Bank notice 2007 issue this one was issued 1966 this one right a bit line in
only one okay thank you very much for watching please like and subscribe and
if you want to but I prefer that if you have any questions just leave a message
down below okay thank you bubba

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