Australia 1995 error thick and thin lines on banknotes

December 23, 2019

hello people hey going this is green
here and I just wanted to bring you some more fairy varieties in Australian
banknotes these two here 95 banknotes 1995 as you
can see yeah and the difference in these two is this
part here as you can see this one is fine lines and this one is Fick lines
and if I compare it with a banknote printed in yep there you go 96 do you 96
Bank nine heads are the clients as well and this only occurs on 1995 banknotes
which you might be able to get in circulation but very circulated probably
and it does actually affect its value and as the ones with our thin lines are
worth a bit more than one so far there are a few clients so you can see it
better than me this is probably slightly cut differently and this is the only
unique characteristic of the 1995 banknotes the numbering did not turn
green as you can see here they fix that up but they had a problem with just this
apart yeah yes nice pink night so if you become to a strain you get when these
old bank notes check the bank it’s 95 then you check yup yeah remember this
one is worth more than that one of course first Perfect’s is also worth
more and so its last okay thank you and have a nice day

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