‘Ask ABJ!’ — Amanda Answers 18 Questions From Viewers

January 1, 2020

Hello, I’m Amanda B. Johnson and you’re watching Dash: Detailed, friend. A couple episodes back, my manservant Pete solicited questions from you, the audience, that you wanted to “Ask ABJ” — me. You responded and here I am to answer them. All right, lay ’em on me. [Pete]: Okay, so Mauricio G asks, “Trading doesn’t seem appealing since I’m not a professional day-trader. How can I invest and earn money with Dash and help its market cap grow?” AMANDA: Well, I mean if a person doesn’t want to trade – I don’t want to trade really either. I tried that for a bit. After losing enough money, I just – it’s just not for me because I, maybe like you, I don’t play the short game either. Because the short game seems pretty much about, like, pump and dumps, right? Like if you know what’s going to get pumped and when you can sell the top and, you know, you’re done. But a lot of that is – stuff like that isn’t going to help with digital currency adoption in the long run either, right? And so you – I’m also wholly uninterested in that. So I mean, of course the simplest way – if you want to invest in Dash – the simplest, easiest way is of course just to buy Dash. Some people who don’t currently have a thousand Dash but still want to earn masternode payouts – or at least a portion of them – are participating in what’s called like “trusted masternode shares.” There are several providers of this – I’ll put them in the description below – where if you have say like 25 Dash or 50 Dash, you know, they’ll hold onto it, combine it with the Dash of many other people and then send you all part of the masternode payout that they host for you. It’s a temporary trusted solution that you can try until trustless decentralized masternode shares come along in Dash’s future. And so there’s that or of course, there’s always mining, right? I mean a mining machine… a mining ASIC for Dash right now, you can maybe get a used one for like $2,000 or less, you know? If that’s something that you’re interested in. Or there’s – so if you don’t want to buy a machine of your own, there’s cloud mining and I hear the best reputation is like Genesis Mining – they haven’t screwed anybody over so far that I’ve heard. So I would say those are your three options. And of course hold Dash, buy a share, look into getting your own mining machine, and/or cloud mining. PETE: Okay Ben N. asks, “What is the thought process behind the four cities tour? What do you hope to accomplish?” AMANDA: Oh geez. That’s not even a question for me. I mean, Pete was the one who organized the tour. I, of course, am happy to speak anywhere that I’m invited – anywhere that would be of interest to someone – but I’m not a logistics person. I’m not even so much of an outreach person. I’m actually kind of antisocial off-camera. But Pete – you may not know – is the co-founder of Cop Block, which is the world’s largest police accountability organization, and so this is like his bag. Like doing outreach and networking and bringing people together in like meetups and things and spreading ideas in a grassroots manner is very much his thing. And so we were just going on a roadtrip anyway to see some family for Thanksgiving and Pete was just like, oh, how about we see if anyone wants to meet up with us and like talk about Dash? And so that’s where that came from. PETE: Ok, right on. Ben also asks, “50 or 100 years in the future, if Dash and Bitcoin are the reserve currencies and have reached the ‘moon’ status, what will the world look like? What changes?” AMANDA: Well, I think it’s pretty implausible that both Dash and Bitcoin would be seen as reserve currencies, because Dash is just what Bitcoin was supposed to be – what Bitcoin should be. And it’s so incredibly superior that if someone were using Dash – if it had like reserve currency status – there’d be like no reason for them to use Bitcoin whatsoever because it offers zero benefits over Dash. So I’m going to rephrase your question to, in 50 or 100 years what would the world look like if like Dash were the reserve currency? I don’t think it would actually look very different. And this is maybe where my opinion differs from some people, in that I don’t think that tools and technology change human nature. I think that humans pretty much remain the same and while they may be using things as different from – you know, like, the printing press didn’t change human nature. The automobile didn’t change human nature. Before that, trains — like the locomotive and steam power — none of that really changed human nature. And so I think that, you know, while things could be so different as to, “We’re using this, like, decentralized money, wow, that’s kinda knew in history,” I don’t think that people will be different. So you can look at that in one of two ways. You can think like, oh, that’s a bummer, you know. I wanted everything to be different in the future. Or you can look at it how I look as like, almost a comforting thing — that we can change our surroundings, but we’re not going to radically change people. And I think that that can be a good thing, because we’re so prone to error that if we could actually change all of humanity just based on one of our little errors, I think that would be exceptionally frightening. so okay good answer jason h asks could you recount your metamorphosis from the daily decrypt to dash detailed oh sure there’s um sure i would be happy to Jason did you say Jason that’s right Jason um yes so the daily decrypt was born in i believe October 2015 when Pete and I were actually living in Mexico and I just want to throw a little thing into to anybody who maybe has considered before like what it would be like to be like a self-employed writer like to start a little entrepreneurial venture the way we did we were greatly helped along in that by the fact that we had like such low living costs right i mean living in Mexico uh we are cost of living with so much less than it had been in we’ve lived in New Hampshire prior to that and so when you have less going out you are more able to easily afford to like take the risk involved of employing yourself because in the beginning you know there there’s not steady pay a lot of the times and you you have to not only not make money but spend money in the beginning a lot of the times and so for anyone who who aspires just something like that I i would definitely encourage you to find a way to just cut your costs whether that’s like moving back in with your parents or just like downsizing to a sort of living situation that you know maybe not ideal but whatever like for six months or a year if it means at the end you come out like self-employed I do think it’s worth it so back to the Daily decrypt that lasted about seven months um it was great and it was through you know comparing all of these competitors in the digital currency space that I was like man like there seems to be like an ethos among some people especially like in the journalism space that like all blockchains are created equal and that they’re all wonderful and they’re all going to survive and like none of us is going to lose our shirts by owning tokens on like a crap blockchain which is obviously not the case and as I said before in response to the day trading question i am in the space for like the long run like 44 digital currency to actually be a sustainable thing that the average person can be empowered by rather than if it doesn’t if it doesn’t become that it is going to just have been a bubble and embarrassing bubble on all of our parts and so I wanted to not spend any more time talking about like every new block chain that comes into the space as though it’s like all equally worthy of attention because they’re not and to me the one most worthy of attention the one displaying most promise was dash and so I took like a couple months there after the daily decrypt stopped to be like how can I work for dash and of course like with the Treasury system it eventually became obvious to me like shoot like I just do what I was doing like what I you know I’m already good at and you know if they need me in dash then how fortuitous so i put in a proposal to the Treasury to be paid to make a weekly YouTube show about dash and thankfully they did want to employ me and the rest is history alright thanks for that answer good to hear Matthew next question asks do you think your appreciation of crypto currencies could be enhanced by learning a programming language that Matthew Matthew I don’t know if I’ve ever said this like on any video but um probably like two two-and-a-half years ago even before like I started writing like a Bitcoin magazine and and etc Christians like looking at the state of things and I thought if I don’t learn to program like the future will hold no place for me and I might go hungry in the most extreme of scenarios and so I i very much thought that I should learn to program because I envisioned a future in like 30 or 50 years when if you don’t know how to program your gonna be like begging in the streets or something right and so I I actually attempted several online teacher self courses like like treehouse and learn python the hard way and code school cool and like this one book about like c++ and I tried all of them and um I think it’s just not for me because i would just like hit this plateau where progress and understanding just halted UM and I felt pretty bad about that each time I felt like I don’t know like a smoker like trying to quit or something and just not being able to like was pretty down on myself I’d say um but fast forward to now happily it just so happens that most programmers are not very good at communicating paid to people and most are not most actually maybe most i don’t know i don’t actually have the data to say one way or the other but certainly many programmers also have like zero understanding about economics and so if i can communicate and if i can offer some economic analyses it from time to time well then actually there is a place for me within cryptocurrency and it’s ok that programming worked out so poorly for me indeed the specialization of Labor at its finest ok next question rusty asks do you conduct interviews from a schedule of talking points or are they all unexpected it depends if it seems like the person who i have an interview scheduled with is like comfortable with just freewheeling back and forth stuff um I’ll have in mind ahead of time like some basic points that i personally would like to know about but aside from that all let it flow and based on what they say I’ll ask any tangential questions that might come to mind but other people in contrast they will you please send me all the questions you’re going to ask me ahead of time so you know I get the sense that these are more people who impromptu is not the thing right and I’m happy to do that because what’s most important is that the interview subject to be comfortable so that they can and tell me everything that it is that they know so they can speak their truth right and so whether they want to do impromptu style or they want to pretty much just know exactly what I’m going to say ahead of time I’m happy to do either for them very nice very nice okay next up Kenny are asks if being a predictable store value is part of what money is yr cryptocurrencies so volatile it would be nice if being a predictable store of value is what money is but that’s obviously not what money is right a money currently I guess I mean I guess one can predict that relentless that inflation will be relentless right like as long as as as money is like a system where you’re totally like bound by geography and and the people who have power to create money operate in a non-transparent way well I mean what you think money should be and what money is are just not one in the same unfortunately um in terms of thinking of like a store of value and money being different things which probably currently they are right like you have people saying uh like gold is my store of value and then you know I keep some fiat to to use as money and that of course that paradigm has arisen because of the way money currently operates you know because inflation is so uh opaque and because you never know like what these people are going to do people don’t feel that currency is a reliable like store of value because its supply continues to be diluted in an unpredictable and unstoppable way and so I think you know wouldn’t the ideal scenario be like if your store of value and your your your met medium for exchange could be like one in the same and I think of course that is what a transparent block chain based digital currency offers because you know even if it has inflation like forever as some of them do like at least if you know what that is going to be there isn’t going to be like this secret you know dilution throughout the monetary supply where you’re like I swear that last year bread costs like two dollars in this year cost three dollars is it because inflation or is it because of these other reasons I don’t know um but that said my friend um blockchains are still run by people and people as i mentioned in an earlier answer are not going to change just because their technology changes and so there is very much a potential and and you know this is where we’re gonna go to the dark side of the moon a little bit here there is very much a potential that even if a blockchain based digital currency like dash were to become widely used as one of the other people said like a reserve currency if the people who are stakeholders and the owners of the infrastructure in that currency decide to like lift the cap or two in the Orie to do like inflation in unpredictable in an unpredictable manner all code-based still mind you i guess probably still open source what I’m getting at is they could still do it so if the majority of humanity wants relentless unpredictable inflation if that’s really what the majority once and maybe they do they can still have that with digital currency and so I would just say that you know if if you’re if you’re in the minority and you want predictable inflation uh you know hopefully there will always be a tool for you right like just because the majority is doing something uh if it’s not something you like hopefully there is always still a tool for you as there probably will be like with this left with this last hundred years of fiat monies around the world just being like inflated into oblivion there was still gold people still kept their wealth intact through gold and so if in a hundred years we are using a blockchain based currency and its cap has been lifted and it’s getting wild inflation to well then there will be something else for you to use that that will allow you to keep your wealth intact basically there’s always a way where there’s a will there’s a way ok a bit more of a timely question from David h who asks what do you know about the warning regarding the dash dot IO wallet app for iphone i assume it’s not safe yeah so it was what like three weeks ago that there was a post that somebody who nobody had heard of before he was going out with by the online handle Nash knobs or national bleep something um that he had like gotten a wallet through the iOS store and and that’s cool um but what must always be kept in mind and what seemed like dash more people pointed out is that something in the app store like you can’t see the source of it right um and that even goes for things for apps which are said to be open source like you don’t actually know as far as i can tell you don’t actually know that the app that you see in the apple app store is actually that open source code base that you see hosted on get up and so like the dash core people reached out to nash and said hey would you mind sharing with us your code base and again maybe they were even just like trusting him a little bit there right because again like I say I don’t think there’s any way to verify the code base that an app in the App Store is running but anyway um they like um offered to like give him like a sort of bounty in exchange for like sharing his code base with them and he like took the money and then like stopped responding and so that was when the tweet started going out where people were like hey maybe this thing isn’t trustworthy and they said that based you know primarily upon this person’s behavior as for as for how one can tell like what apps are and are not trust really if the source actually isn’t viewable in these types of app stores right i mean probably there will be other app stores invented in the future where you can verify the source um but I mean that’s what like the number of downloads is for right and like reviews I mean it goes back to like a reputation based system so long story short is that app reliable like no one has any way of knowing and so I i really don’t know one way or the other I don’t know if I would ever keep that much money in any mobile app like if the source can’t be verified which they can’t so yeah if you use it i would say definitely like don’t keep that much money in it and that goes for all mobile apps alright good advice next question from two feet was wondering regarding dash scalability what’s the maximum transactions per second how many nodes and how many wallets currently well currently ok so if we have like a 1 megabyte block size cap and if our if our like data structure is similar to bitcoins then we have four times the amount of bitcoins processing capacity right because our block times or two and a half minutes bitcoins are 10 so it’s widely circulated that Bitcoin can process roughly seven transactions per second so 7 times 4 is what 2820 transactions per second it is already on the road map has already been voted upon to increase our block size cap from one to two megabytes so 28 x 2 is what 56 so b56 transactions per second and that is like like current processing capacity right as far as i can tell from the evolution specifications that have been published that they will feature a sort of like I mean I guess I can only describe it as like lightning network ask but in a way that’s totally on chain like doesn’t a rather doesn’t require like special little hubs doing things that maybe potentially unverifiable off chain i’m not really sure it keeps the same dash infrastructure completely intact but is able to like a process some things and then like settle them back on the chain as often as is necessary basically you’d have to ask Evan more about that maybe he’ll talk to me more about that in the future I’m sure he will or Andy for your or whomever is working on it um yeah so long story short in the near-term future will have eight times the processing capacity of Bitcoin and in the long-term future much much more than that what was that did i miss a part of that question was there something about nodes or something yeah to see also was wondering how many nodes and wallets exist or maybe could exist i’m not sure could exist on infinite number of nodes and wallets could exist currently they’re like 4500 full nodes 4100 of those being collateralized masternodes and maybe you’re asking how many wallets have been opened and i don’t i don’t know if that number is even noble like I think that only only a wallet provider could give you just their own personal numbers like the way blockchain dot info publishes like how many wallets at blockchain dot info have been opened to get an idea of how many dash wallet have been opened i guess you would have to actually find a way to calculate the number of downloads and or accounts through every wallet provider and i have no idea what that is i’m sorry it’s good answer fair next up nu MZ ask says given that dash has fairly obvious advantages over other crypto currencies in so many ways why isn’t it doing better i see on corn market Capcom for example with seventh i think that we are up against I think it’s no more or less than first-mover advantage in the earlier days myself included I thought that Bitcoin would be the one and the only forever and not only that it would be but that it should be I used to talk shit about altcoins I used to like think that they were just pieces of crap posers that were taking away from bitcoins market cap right like taking away from our network effect and ruining our chances of seeing mass adoption that that used to be me um and so if I like a person who now works for dash like once held that mindset imagine like how many other people just still do right and what’s more since so many people did hold that mindset earlier on tons of investment was made into like Bitcoin specific stuff and if there’s one thing that a lot of people don’t want to do it is that they don’t want to they don’t want to admit that maybe their initial narrow business model is like not going to cut it right that they’re gonna have to maybe you know incorporate other things and spend a bit of time and resources on doing that but as Evan Duffield has genius lee pointed out it is these people need to rather that they would have to spend some time and resources on incorporating dash that actually gives dash a totally different kind of first-mover advantage which is basically our treasury system in that we can help to cover the costs of any sort of merchant or organization that is considering incorporating us but they’re like hey that cost us time and resources were not really so sure about that so as evan has pointed out whereas Bitcoin had to first mover advantage of just being first right and having like a lot of people think you know Bitcoin number one now and forever dash now has the first-mover advantage of being able to fund its own integrations which I think as time goes and as we’re already seeing makes it a lot more attractive to people when we’re like hey not only can you expand your business model but it will call do nothing pretty succinct alright next we have a trio of questions from phil LOL so firstly Phil asks from a less technical person’s perspective is there anything that you think dash could do better to increase adoption and make it more appealing to quote normal everyday people I think I mean yeah the only I wouldn’t even focus on reaching out to truly like normal everyday people until evolution is out because it’s just we don’t have the product for them yet we legitimately do not have a product to offer to the average person yet and so that’s why I focus for example my work dash detailed content on people who are already willing and interested to look into this sort of stuff at its current low level of usability and so I would think I mean if you actually are lucky enough to like have averaged like lay people in your life who like will tell me about dash I’m first of all like wow surprise for you that’s lucky um I think the most that can be done or should be done before evolution comes out is like sending over to dash school or something right because i think that the more comfortable that the average person can become just with the concept of digital money like with the concept that something that lives on the internet could be like completely transparent and completely accessible to everybody and something that we can feel good about holding our wealth in i think that you know what with that see germinating a bit in the minds of anyone who cares 17 Lucien does come around and there is a product for these people to use they will be feel more comfortable trying it out yeah seems true alright second question second question from phil is how do you make sure you don’t fall into confirmation bias and stay as impartial where possible so you don’t so people don’t see you slowly as pro dash and anti other cryptos oh that’s a great question well I i am consistently checking myself for confirmation bias based out of my own fear of being wrong like like ending up as a laughingstock right like basically i’m so afraid of like ending up on the wrong side of history from having had a name like at a confirmation bias that I that I am I am constantly checking like dashes fundamentals as compared to others and like dashes trajectory as compared to others because if something else looks like it is better like i am going to their i will leave dash i will apply for a job in this other network and i will go to there because I most want to be on the right side of history in this digital currency stuff and you know and that’s and that’s based upon you know my own selfish like design like you know the the primitive part of your brain that’s like don’t get ostracized from the tribe or you will die out in the wilderness like that part of my brain i would say keeps me in check alright well hopefully stay alive for a while lastly from phil LOL he asks what have you seen from other cryptocurrencies that you like and think dash could benefit from um I think that the like the the the marketing and like the UH just overall presentation that etherium has had from the start has been really nice like like a their intro videos on their YouTube channel and like that cool little diamond thing that they have in just like this general oh and like the like the ARA that they have it there like DEFCON conferences it just it looks nice like it’s a it’s a nice cohesive branding message of like coolness and I very much think that dash could benefit from that and i was so happy to see in fact a proposal put into the Treasury last month by Ryan Taylor baby giraffe um for hiring like a graphic design marketing firm to like redo dashes logo and design the branding and interface that will be used on a revolution web pages basically and so I do think that we are heading more into the direction that etherium took right from the get-go which was employing like you know genius graphic design marketing people to to present the consumer-facing product okay see where that goes next up from Pedro v he wonders what about the dash Treasury process and master node voting do you think could be improved probably so I’ve heard a couple different suggestions there’s been talk of like the masternodes themselves elected a sort of like board and it’s like the board who votes on all of these proposals because as you may know if you seen any of these proposals and especially on months were a lot of them come in there there can be like 20 proposals and some of them are like many pages long like two or three pages long and it’s like shoot it almost gets to the point where it’s like are there masternodes not voting on this stuff just because like they don’t they don’t have the time because it’s almost like almost like a full-time job to like not that it is now but if and when dash gets bigger and even more proposals start coming in which they will um how many hours is it going to take to review this stuff and so I’ve heard the idea of like masternodes selecting a board that just does like votes on proposals full-time let me know also heard the idea this from evan at one point of like having a sort of managerial system where there’s like okay there’s like one person who’s like the head of front-end development one person who’s the end ahead of back-end development one person who’s the head of like design when person who’s the head of marketing etcetera etc and it is like those people elected by the masternodes um who then who then execute projects below themselves using the masternodes don’t have to vote on all those individual projects that the managers undertake but rather the masternodes just choose to keep paying that particular manager if they’re doing a good job or two or to let them go and get someone else and maybe i just described like the same thing maybe this whole like Board of Governors thing versus like the managerial system is in fact the same thing now that I say it out loud to kind of sounds like it is and so I do think that something like that may be needed down the line as dash gets bigger and our budget can afford to employ more people and fund more projects and they start coming in for it on and i do believe that that is somehow on the road map of Italy some people in the core team and it would probably be an improvement so yeah I mean if you have further questions about the the future of those plans i would i would direct them to someone on the core team who would know better than I okay next from MW BL does anyone live exclusively off dash and how I think a lot of people do um I think a lot of people like we’re mining dash or buying dash um you know back when it was like 25 seconds fifty cents i don’t know but enough people were around in dashes early days um and accumulated enough of it through their efforts that they were able to launch like several masternodes like 10 20 30 more and when you get into numbers that high you you actually can live off master node payments but those aren’t the only people i mean uh there i think i think Evan said in the q3 report called the other day that the dash network employees like 20 people full-time or maybe less 10 or 20 people full-time and like over a hundred people part-time and so yeah when you look at those Treasury payouts to to the people who are getting paid dash yeah it’s definitely enough for for some people to live on um P&I live on cash so there’s there’s at least two people right there yeah was that the whole question to answer the question yeah there’s little question yeah and I think more people will be able to live off cash in the future that is certain that certainly the goal that would certainly be ideal the green alright and last questions come to us from Steven J so first even asks what are the cities that are hot spots in the world for dash in terms of users and merchant acceptance Shh I don’t know I mean salt lake I’ve been pretty surprised about like the the dash representation in salt lake on but other than that i’m i’m not really sure perhaps austin um where the Bush family lives and i guess probably also Phoenix because like both heaven and ryan live there but yeah aside from those 3 i’m not really sure I’d be interested to hear where there may be more hot spots and maybe i should mention this now why not I guess it can be cut if i come to regret it but I’ve even thought about like maybe throwing a dash con like the world’s first dash con here in Salt Lake like both because of the people I’ve met down here who I think would be willing to come but also this area south of Salt Lake people have started calling it like the silicon mountains or something like basically like a lot of tech people are moving into this area south of salt lake in utah for whatever a reason and so I think that there is a potential that merchants in Utah will perhaps be interested in becoming like the early adopter merchants right actually overstock like the first mega corporation that ever started taking Bitcoin overstock is based in utah and so I think that if there is to be a dash gone i will think more on that that salt lake city would be a really great place to host it right and a bit of a follow-up to that first question again from stephen j he wanders could there be a contest that would award dash to the activists or organization that drives the greatest adoption of dash in their city in terms of per capita merchant acceptance maybe he’s asking us to do that and of course there could be anybody could put a proposal into the Treasury to get the award money to then disperse to whichever individual is able to get the most merchants accepting dash i mean actually a person named John bush again the austin texas guy is actually getting paid to to try to get merchants to accept cash right now so this is definitely something that the masternodes have already shown their support for in the past and so if that’s something that you or someone you know would be interested in doing I don’t see why the masternodes would not continue showing support with cash to fund such an effort ok and actually responded to Stephen with a similar suggestion that he could spearhead a proposal also do that yeah okay and lastly from Stephen when are the quote Bitcoin meetups going to finally start calling themselves cryptocurrency meetups or whatever’s better some RDR and even if they don’t change their name they’re they’re starting to become more open-minded in fact that they my first stop on the to centralize all the profits to her in salt lake city is at the utah Bitcoin meet up and they they like invited us they’re willing to hear us out and so you know regardless of what they call themselves of the general willingness to look to other solutions is something that is only increasing I think all right and that’s all the questions I had thanks everyone for sending them in and thank you a bj for answering them you’re welcome and thank you too thats it for dash detailed this week if you’re anywhere near minneapolis minnesota i invite you to come out to our second stop on the to centralize all the prophets tour tonight on wednesday the details for that are in the description below and i also invite you if you haven’t yet done so to subscribe to my weekly email that I send right to your inbox it has of course the Wednesday video in it and any other important updates you may need to know about you can easily do that by sending an email to Amanda at dash dot org with the word subscribe in the subject line i’ll take care of the rest alright see you next week

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    DASH meets copblock…..yay

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    Hey Amanda, love your videos!
    Regarding the question about how a world would look different with BTC or DASH. I think the world would look quite a bit different, aka the end of central banks and the business cycle, a viable way to avoid being taxed, the end of large wars which can only happen if inflation of the currency by a government is possible. I think the world would be different in a lot of positive ways…

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    Thank you for the inspiration. When I was working in agriculture I remember that feeling like I was going to become obsolete tomorrow and left for broke if I didn't join tech society. I'm a software developer now but it's interesting to recount those feelings and motivations.

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    00:22 How can I invest and earn money in Dash, and help its market cap grow?
    02:41 What do you hope to accomplish with the four cities tour?
    03:55 If Dash and Bitcoin become the reserve currencies in the future, what changes?
    06:21 Could you recount your metamorphosis from The Daily Decrypt to DASH: Detailed?
    10:00 Do you think your appreciation of cryptocurrencies could be enhanced by learning a programming language?
    12:22 Do you conduct interviews from a schedule of talking points or are they all unexpected?
    13:33 If being a predictable store of value is part of what money is, why are cryptocurrencies so volatile?
    18:05 What do you know about the wallet app for iPhone? I assume it's not safe.
    20:42 Regarding Dash scalability: what's the maximum number of transactions per second? How many nodes and wallets?
    23:52 Dash has obvious advantages over other cryptocurrencies, so why isn't it doing better?
    26:42 Is there anything that you think Dash could do better to appeal to "normal" everyday people?
    28:39 How do you make sure you don't fall into confirmation-bias and stay impartial (where possible)?
    30:15 What have you seen in other cryptocurrencies that you like and think that Dash could benefit from?
    31:49 What about the Dash treasury process and masternode voting do you think could be improved?
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    38:13 Could there be a contest that would award Dash to those driving the greatest per-capita adoption in their city?
    39:20 When are "Bitcoin Meetups" going to call themselves "Crypto- currency Meetups", or whatever would be better?

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  • Reply Chris Chrysostom November 17, 2016 at 5:01 am

    Cool callout to Salt Lake City! The locals have been calling the tech corridor, "Silicon Slopes."

  • Reply Cash Alternative TV November 17, 2016 at 8:02 am

    "ABJ" I gotta get my mind outta the gutter… I very much enjoyed this episode, it was nice to see a different format. Also, it was nice that Pete the manservant got some screen time!

    One thing, though, I need to correct a link you posted: The Dash Nation Slack link is, not This link is dead. Cheers!

  • Reply Chris Rutt November 17, 2016 at 8:40 am

    Are you able to show some insight into Evolution. Screen shots or anything. You seem so confident in it . Thanks for the videos

  • Reply Andreas Meyer November 17, 2016 at 10:44 am

    Really Dash recommends Genesis Mining that is a real shock. I do not even see them in the mining pool.!extraction

  • Reply Tycoon Whibbey November 17, 2016 at 3:16 pm

    heaven heaven

  • Reply CptWacko November 17, 2016 at 4:09 pm

    Electing a board of masternodes that votes for all the other ones would transform Dash decision process, which is now 100% democratic, into an oligarchy, which is the kind of political process we have here in North America… a total shit show that benefit only a very small group of people, not the community. So PLEASE don't ever support that everyone.

  • Reply thomas Graf November 17, 2016 at 4:43 pm

    How much you get paid  to recommend a scam company.  Sorry Amanda your trust is gone because Genesis Mining not mine real Dash with power.  Collecting Money yes .  Terrible that a person like you accept money to LIE.  A SHAME  !!!!!!

  • Reply SethRichisahero November 17, 2016 at 6:40 pm

    now that i see pete…i want to know whats the latest with copblock?

  • Reply Kle Ra November 17, 2016 at 6:57 pm

    Genesis a serious mining company? Are U serious??? Sorry, but that was a big fail.

  • Reply Jennifer Hoffmann November 17, 2016 at 11:09 pm

    Please do the Crypto World a favour, ABJ, and just once really study mining reports of DASH and go as deep into materia, to KNOW, what you are talking about. Staying simple is useful to explain sophisticated issues, but not to present a company in a way, that maybe influences the capital market and the public standing of companies, that "as far as you know" did not screw anybody. How can you tell? And what about – if you think, it is necessary to name a mining company – talking about the ones, that seriously mine the largest cap of DASH?

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    Hi Amanda, I think this video content is old and not updated…because Genesis is not what Dash would recommend for mining…please check…otherwise I love your videos…keep rocking it!!!

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    Hello Amanda, i love you Video's but GM is a scam and burns the money of the people. I do not see GM among the biggest the Dashminer?

  • Reply cryptocompetence center November 18, 2016 at 8:17 am


  • Reply Dash - Digital Cash November 18, 2016 at 6:36 pm

    Thanks to those who've given their feedback about the cloud mining company mentioned in the video, called Genesis Mining.

    I, Amanda, am not a cloud miner and never have been, and have not researched cloud miners extensively, either. My mention of them was top-of-the-head example, not a researched recommendation.

    Do your own research, obviously, and thanks for leaving your recommendations here to help us all out.

  • Reply JZA November 18, 2016 at 11:20 pm

    great video, hope we can get more of this.

  • Reply Diogo Freitas November 19, 2016 at 12:23 am

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  • Reply Martin J. November 19, 2016 at 11:13 am

    Hi Amanda.
    Thanks to you and Pete for producing this AMA for us. I truly enjoyed it.
    I have one observation – when Pete would look you in your eyes that he had an intense twinkle as you can see that he truly loves you. This is truly beautiful and make your presentations with Pete that much more enjoyable.
    I wish the both of you all the best.

  • Reply TechGarage November 20, 2016 at 6:42 pm

    Subscribed. I've been mildly curious as to what your next thing was after DD. I was so impressed with your DD coverage of Dash that I bought some. I'm not a maximalist on any digital currency / blockchain project; I think there are several like Dash & Monero that offer excellent value and whose governance aligns with my libertarian / NAP perspective.

    I am also a big fan of BitShares as you know, and now steem has burst upon the scene with a unique blockchain based social media. It remains to be seen whether Dash, Steem, Monero, BitShares or any other digital token project will be able to innovate and code fast enough to add the features the marketplace is asking for. One thing we know for certain tho is that almost any grass roots team is more agile and can outpace any efforts the slow, centralized bureaucratic oligarchs attempt to do. They may have more resources, but their Achilles heel is the bureaucratic context they must operate under.

    You're so right tho in your perspective that marketing is the domain's weakest link. I'm SO glad you realized that and recognized how you didn't need to force yourself into being a programmer. Your pretty face and intellectual capacity are more than adequate to help with marketing. Besides, you have Pete the "man servant" to handle the tech side of things. You 2 make a great team!

    As to why so many tech types are relocating to the Salt Lake region, there's really no mystery there. I believe it's fueled by the NSA. I also think your idea of a dashcon in the area is a fantastic idea! Perhaps you can influence all those gov. paid tech folks to realize they're working for the wrong team. You are the counter balancing influence to them. Swaying them will not be easy tho, as the pay they receive keeps them sucking on the gov. tit. Only those who are principled, open mined and willing to question authority are likely to be converted. I still say go for it Amanda, it's a great idea!

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    You have become a core owner of dash, somewhat like a government. The whole point of cryptocurrency is to be decentralised. As 10% central owners of the network how will this be any different to a central government?

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    Hey Amanda! If a Dash con ever happens then please notify me so I can attend!

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    She was 24:00 prescient in her analysis on why some undervalued altcoins "might" be better than BTC but not getting the attention they deserved because of Bitcoins first mover advantage.

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    why are you promoting dash?

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