All About SOLVE. Episode 1: What is SOLVE Token?

December 22, 2019

SOLVE token is more than just a digital currency What else is it? We’re going to tell you, in this video Hi! I’m Vivica, and let’s talk about SOLVE Token. First off, what is SOLVE token? Solve token is the native token of the Solve.Care platform It’s created on Ethereum blockchain and meets ERC20 standards. If you are a blockchain lover, you know what that means. SOLVE has all the features of a standard token. But there’s something that makes SOLVE stand out. SOLVE is a digital currency with a mission. Inside the Solve.Care platform, our token becomes THE digital currency for an ENTIRE healthcare universe created on blockchain. Solve.Care has created what you could be called its own world. One with the purpose of simplifying healthcare and expanding its accessibility in order to increase value, improve health outcomes, and enhance user experience. That means, everything within the world of Solve.Care, — and all transactions on the Solve.Care platform – revolve around the SOLVE token Imagine you’re in the world of a Role-Playing Game if you want to buy the latest armor to up your strength, you’ve got to use the currency that work in that world. That … in short is how SOLVE works in our platform However, unlike Role-Playing Games, the universe of SOLVE is the real world. The tokens here pay for a ride for your grandma to get to her dialysis appointment, or your kid to go get the vaccinations needed to stay in school, or that prescription to keep your diabetes under control. SOLVE tokens can be used for a whole range of healthcare services. And, as a programmable token, SOLVE can only be used to pay for those services its tied to. So, grandma can take her taxi to her appointment, but not to the bingo hall. This means insurers, hospitals, clinics, big businesses, pharmacies, even government agencies anyone involved in the gamut of healthcare are specifically looking to use these tokens to provide services. You know what all of this translates into? Demand. The more clients Solve.Care gains, the more demand for SOLVE tokens utilization. And we’re making a name for ourselves, and companies are jumping on the Solve.Care wagon Our mission is to make healthcare accessible to every man, woman, and child on the planet. And Solve token is your chance to participate in this healthcare transformation Next time we’ll talk about specific ways SOLVE token can be used. Want to learn more? Check out the link here. What else do you want to see explained? Leave your comments below to let us know. Thanks for watching.

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