A reliable seller and Burmas weird banknotes

December 25, 2019

so get a pebble and you’re going and
today I have a new package which I have brought this is wrong Alvin’s and he
actually sells on ebay and well Pierre boxes they don’t mind that showing but
not personal addresses so this is this business address and let’s see what I
actually got so desk I’ve brought off a few times
before he’s in Australia yes in yourself Wales as you can see from the address
and I reckon his items are quite good they’re reasonably priced and yes quite
a variety usually he sells some toy yourselves mainly Australian items but
like most coin dealers who would sell our items as well so yes it nice and
well packaged so get annoying stick tape awesome just be careful when you’re
unpacking stuff that you make sure you know and actually damage the objects so
he actually took time this might be the Burmese back no Kyle’s been wanting to
get yes they are so as I said he actually sells ever items actually I’m
thinking my you just sells banknotes so these are awesome
now I’ve already got the 15 coy it’s already you think oh it’s 45 khayat’s I
don’t have not bad and 95 Bank know so I’m gonna make a video on these better
audio denominations that knee win of Burma actually introduced and they’re
quite funny so anyway I like to say thank you very much for watching my
short video it’s only two three minutes Wow get these banknotes of funny
denominations and they’re awesome and they’re in two series so this is a
45 and 90 and they’ll see ever serious in in 1535 and 75 hopefully so I say
thank you very much for watching my video and have an awesome back now click
in time well so kiddies here hums up subscribe and check out my links below
have awesome back now collecting time people bye bye

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