ХАЙП (16+) / короткометражная комедия / Виктор БУТОК

November 5, 2019

You busy?
Not much… Talk!
Only a couple of minutes. I have a proposition for you!
I have a proposition for you!
Got an idea for a project…
A bit odd.
Such an unconventional task, anyway.
Could you create a melody from fart sounds?
You know, Jingle Bells, for example.
Or, I don’t know, something genuinely recognizable.
One more time! Fart?
Exactly! Like…
(hums a melody).
Is it doable to take samples and to adjust it to sheet music?
I mean, to create a melody.
Yes! Doable, generally.
To tweak a pitch, to cut…
Well, doable!
Indeed, the task is surely unconventional!
Why you need it for?
Well, I’ve got an idea. Kick-ass!
I want to hype on YouTube.
To create an entertainment channel, to get subscribers.
Got subscribers – got advertisers.
Will make a lot of money. Make good movies!
You know, I’ve analyzed everything.
That videos on YouTube are viewed more
than any blockbuster in a cinema.
And videos like “I’ve squatted 100 times and look what happened” or
“I’ve washed my hair 100 times and look what happened”
have millions of views. You get it?
So we going to make a video:
“I’ve farted 100 times and look what happened!”
Ok, we shoot you in different situations.
How you fart, you know.
Get edit it.
Then you, in the beginning, in the introduction,
in a role of an amorphous creep, you are showing up and telling
that you decided to fart 100 times and to film your every single fart.
And then you say: “Look what happened!”
Volodya, he will create a melody from sounds of your farts.
And you, like, be farting this tune.
You say at the end:
“Look! What a musical ass I have!”
Do you want me to play a farting creep?
You’ll be great at that!
Oh, thanks!
Pasha, I don’t mean that you are a creep!
You are very talented actor!
You’ll be really kick-ass at that!
You’ll become a star faster than the air clears.
Look, I’m at an audition now.
I’ll call you back later and we will talk it out, ok?
Hi Pasha! Have you read your part?
Yes. I even learnt it.
Ok, whenever you ready.
Does a director have any suggestions about the character?
Are you kidding, Pasha?
It’s a three words episode.
Or you think the director will engage every extra in?
I wish he could have time to explain to main characters where to stand and to go!
You know what a screen time is nowadays!
Yeah, I know…
Ok, let’s get started.
I have 50 people more to audition.
Yes, i am ready!
Fuck battery …
Well, let’s hype?
Why do you need me here?
What do you mean why?
To think up the whole story,
to work well with actor.
In order that everything to be natural.
An audience to believe
that there is a real guy made such video clip.
Real life and all that.
So that even Stanislavsky to believe!
How we will film it?
Here! On a phone!
I have 24 mps, by the way!
Zhora! Everyone films on a phone now!
Sundance accepts movies taken on a phone!
Can’t you film something good for YouTube?
I’ve never filmed on phones!
ARRI, Red, URSA in a pitch…
But a phone… it’s…
Here’s our hero come!
Hey! Take a seat!
What’s up, Pasha!
Are you ready to become a YouTube star?
Not really!
Come on!
Did I study acting for 5 years in the university
for playing a farting creep on YouTube?
Yes, Vasya! Actually it’s not clear why do we need it.
One more time!
We create an YouTube Channel.
Post viral video.
Get millions of subscribers.
Sell an advertisement.
Make a lot of money and will make movies!
Whatever YOU want!!!
It’s not all about money!
It is, Kolya!
It is!
It’s all about money!
If you don’t have money,
you won’t shoot you fucking movie!
But what about an art?
What the fucking art?
Contemporary art is …
a shit priced as gold!
You are an educated guy!
You know what a contemporary art is!
I don’t really agree with “a shit priced as gold”!
Of course, different images can be created.
But comparing an art with a shit …
is not really appropriated.
He talks about Piero Manzoni.
Yes, fuck!
Italian artist, Piero Manzoni,
in 1961
put together his shit into ninety cans,
signed it “100% natural artist’s shit”
and auctioned off it priced as gold!
That how he wanted to demean a contemporary art.
But turned out
it was actually the highest art!
Every can contained 30 grams of shit, by the way.
Has anybody bought it?
In 2007,
of one the cans was sold at the auction Sotheby’s for 124 000 euros.
Holy fuck!
I take a dump every day!
Ready to sell it priced as silver!
Zhora, let’s shoot the clip!
Excuse me!
You will be out of frame.
And you going to show ME as the artist’s shit, right?
Pasha, a genuine actor …
must be able to transform.
Someone plays Hitler! So what?
Redcliff portrayed a farting corpse for 90 minutes of the movie!
In Gaspar Noe’s movie naked actress jerks off to naked actor for 10 minutes
until he cums!
And they even didn’t imitate.
Cut off all that scenes from Noe’s movies,
who will fucking watch him?
But with that he’s been screening in Cannes!
And you are fucking afraid to fart on the Internet!
You’re just going to waste your life with your high art in your ass!
Misunderstood geniuses!
Ok, I’m in.
I need vodka.
Why are you staring at me?
Let’s try.
Will see what will happen with it.
But let’s do it not on a phone at least. Kolya, wait! Let’s make it on Sony Alpha with some good lens.
Kolya, wait!
Let’s make it on Sony Alpha
with some good lens…
Did he really sell his shit that much?
Actually, there was a cast in cans.
You mean that it wasn’t even a shit?
It’s a totally scam!
Well, I know everything about a contemporary art now!
This is it! Awesome!
Stop! One more time!
This is a blast!
Ok, take it in your mind, will put it in the punch line!
Look, I broke down it to the sheet music.
Can play any tune.
Go on!
What about “The Beatles”?
Your target audience is a youth, teens?
They might not know all these songs.
Look, probably, no one listens to a good music today.
And it’s a sin to mock these masterpieces.
Let’s find something current.
You need something that everyone knows.
Well, let’s go with “Jingle Bells”. Or with “Happy Birthday”. They are well known. At least in the whole world.
Or with “Happy Birthday”. They are well known. At least in the whole world.
They are well known.
At least in the whole world!
“Musical ass”, scene 1, take 12.
That’s my musical ass!
Alright! Enough!
I think it’s funny!
I guess, everyone is happy with it.
I’m downloading.
I think, we are making a big mistake.
I don’t get you, Pasha. What’s wrong?
Video is great!
We will get one million views in a couple of days.
Do you remember an O’Henry’s story?
Story “Masters of arts”.
He’s the point of the story…
One guy offered to an artist a good job.
Very good!
Such that the artist could make money and never work ever.
He had to paint a portrait of a president of some country.
Very pretentious!
! The president had to be portrayed in a Jupiter look sitting on Olympus.
Clouds under his legs,
Washington in gala uniform by one side,
by other side – Angel putting a wreath on his head.
Anyway, an absolute living hell for every artist.
But, an ultimate shot to a mass pop culture.
The artist wanted to study in Paris.
Therefore obviously said:
– I agree, yadda, yadda, let’s paint, bring me paintbrushes please”.
And he painted!
The client comes, the portrait is finished:
– Oh my god! I love it so much!” Let’s pay off.
Gives him a check and what does the artist do?
He tears his check and ruins the portrait to fucking pieces.
And you know why?
Because he wanted to create something really greatest.
And if people would ask then:
– What else this artist has painted?
They would hear that nothing!
No commercials, no magazine covers,
no tits and butts!
Because he stayed true to himself.
And to the arts.
But we…
We are cheating on ourselves.
Vasya, let’s not post this video clip!
We had fun! Laughed a lot!
Ask yourself, a random Bruckheimer wouldn’t post such trash!
Let’s make something good!
Let me delete it!
I will do it.
Of course you’re right!
This is completely fuck up!
We must be a flagship and leaders of the humankind.
To bring goodness and brightness to this world.
Well that’s all!
Fuck! Zhora!
I need a drink.
Me too!
We haven’t celebrated the end of the shooting, anyway.
Who does deleting like this?
Don’t worry, you’ll wake up famous!
You all will be thanking me later!
The artists!
Hi there youtubers!
I’ve been recording my farting on camera for a month
and here’s what happened!
Writer and director – Viktor Butok
Producers – Viktor Butok, Ilia Mikhailus
Cinematographer – Ilia Mikhailus
Andrei Klimenkov
Slava Babenkov
Irina Stroi
Aleksandr Litvin
Vadya Rotor
Viktor Butok
Casting Director’s voice – Marina Kolomiets
Sound director – Bob Sheviakov
First assistant director – Pavel Tsybenko
Second assistant director – Aleksandr Kobzarenko, Lina Ostomatiy
Make up artists – Anya Martynets, Ksenia Fisher
Executive – Aleksandr Kobzarenko, Tara Kurushkina
First assistant cinematographer – Anton Kolomiets
Backstage – Ivan Shuliarenko, Tara Kurushkina
Extras – Aleksei Ilchenko, Irina Kononenko,
Extras – Dmitry Dellert, Amalia Arutunian,
Extras – Vitaliy Butok, Olha Butok,
Extras – Anastasia Rogozhina, Aleksa Royal, Ivan Shuliarenko, Vitia Fedikovich,
Extras – Ivan Shuliarenko, Oleg Kibalnik, Oles Dmytrenko
Special thanks – Ukrainian Film School,
Special thanks – 3DTOUR (visual decisions for business),
Special thanks – Pizza House HOLLYFOOD,
Special thanks – Studio 19/90
That’s my musical ass!

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